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Hi Sam!

Posted by stuff4sam on June 22, 2006

Hi Sam!

 Henny in the Arctic with huskies and Hi Sam banner

I took this picture for you when I was dog sledding in the Arctic in January and February. It was so cold that day, -35, that my eyelashes froze together and I couldn’t get the lid off my hip flask! It was worth every minute though and thanks to everyone’s support we were able to get you a special wheelchair.

For more pictures of the trip have a look on my Arctic blog!

February 1st, 2006

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Two weeks to go

Posted by stuff4sam on June 22, 2006

Well, its not long now until the big ride! James and I have been working on our fitness by running in Hyde Park at the weekends and doing Wednesday night rows at Furnivall. I have done a couple of spinning classes and James has been out in the real world cycling.

However, we have yet to get on a bike together seeing as we don't actually own a tandem! Hmm, slight flaw in the plan there! 

We're hoping to borrow a real bike on Saturday so we can test out tandem riding and make sure we know what we are doing! We are hoping to borrow a friend's bike and plan to pick it up 7.30am. So if you spot two crazed men flying through the streets of London early on Saturday morning – it'll be us. Be sure and give us a wave and friendly words of advice!


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