Havin a bostin’ time!

Posted by stuff4sam on June 28, 2006

Am in the West Midlands, Birmingham to be precise! It’s reeely grate!

Am here all week and putting in a couple of harsh indoor bike rides at the Living Well Gym in Sutton Coldfield! One hour into my ninety minute solo spinning class today Kirsty (gym staff) came past and said that I had a large pool of sweat around my bike. Nice! I am only hoping that the hard graft is going to help with next week’s twelve hour ride.

Having a day off from training tomorrow and may visit the famous Floozie in the Jacuzzi in the Centre of Brum!

 Statue of foxy lady in foutain, known locally as The Floozie in the Jacuzzi


One Response to “Havin a bostin’ time!”

  1. iheni said

    hello tc, hope you had fun with the floozie in the jacuzzi…or should we say the bird bath.

    just wondering, how long do you think the bike ride will take and what time do you reckon you’ll be arriving at the beach?


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