Hi Sam from Birmingham!

Posted by stuff4sam on June 30, 2006

 Hugh with Hi Sam sign sitting in a tent in the garden

Hi Sam! Today I have mostly been sitting in the garden enjoying the weather. To keep out of the sun we put up a mini tent which is like a dog’s kennel! I had a little sleep to recover from my trip to the gym earlier practicing for the bike ride next weekend. The garden is lovely as there its lots of space and all kinds of vegetables growing.

Hugh x

3 Responses to “Hi Sam from Birmingham!”

  1. elle said

    Hi this is elle from Coventry. I have been following some of this through Henny and the entry she posted there.

    I wanted to leave a photo of myself in my powered chair but I could not figure how, duh!

    I sponsored one of my friends a few years ago when he cycled from Guildford Surrey To Rome – for raising funds and to show he could still do it on his 40th birthday – now he’s in Africa on some health mission, hes a nurse.

    So good luck Hugh!

  2. Hugh said

    Hi Elle,

    Thanks for writing. That’s amazing – Guildford to Rome is a long way! How long did it take your friend and how did he get across the channel?! Does he have any tips for getting through the miles?

    You can send your Hi Sam message and picture to and we’ll post it for you!

    Best wishes,


  3. elle said


    I think it took him about a fortnight – he did a lot of preparation for it but he was very sore. I am afraid I have lost contact with him since he went to Africa. He took the boat over the channel.

    He is a Franciscan friar so he had places to stop at along the way. I’ll send you a photo later,


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