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Hi Sam!

Posted by stuff4sam on June 22, 2006

Hi Sam!

 Henny in the Arctic with huskies and Hi Sam banner

I took this picture for you when I was dog sledding in the Arctic in January and February. It was so cold that day, -35, that my eyelashes froze together and I couldn’t get the lid off my hip flask! It was worth every minute though and thanks to everyone’s support we were able to get you a special wheelchair.

For more pictures of the trip have a look on my Arctic blog!

February 1st, 2006

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Two weeks to go

Posted by stuff4sam on June 22, 2006

Well, its not long now until the big ride! James and I have been working on our fitness by running in Hyde Park at the weekends and doing Wednesday night rows at Furnivall. I have done a couple of spinning classes and James has been out in the real world cycling.

However, we have yet to get on a bike together seeing as we don't actually own a tandem! Hmm, slight flaw in the plan there! 

We're hoping to borrow a real bike on Saturday so we can test out tandem riding and make sure we know what we are doing! We are hoping to borrow a friend's bike and plan to pick it up 7.30am. So if you spot two crazed men flying through the streets of London early on Saturday morning – it'll be us. Be sure and give us a wave and friendly words of advice!


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You made it!

Posted by stuff4sam on June 21, 2006

Welcome to Stuff4Sam

Welcome to Stuff4Sam, our new blog that's here to tell you about events, news and cool stuff we're doing to raise money for Sam, our 2 year old friend who was injured in a car crash last year.

Sam sustained severe injuries that has left him in a wheelchair but that's not stopped him. We're hoping that with your help we'll be able to buy him an special exercise bike that will stimulate him as well as keep him busy and happy.

So far we have raised just under 9K but we need a further 15K. We know that's a lot to ask so as well as doing sponsored bike rides, runs (there's already been an Arctic dog sled challenge, Christmas sales and raffles) we'll also be organising competitions, parties and other fun stuff. So come back and visit or even better, sponsor Hugh who is planning to bike from London to Suffolk, overnight, in 3 weeks time!

The Stuff4Sam Team

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