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Hi Sam from Crosby Beach

Posted by stuff4sam on July 31, 2006

Hi Sam!

Hi Sam - Madeleine and Clare with iron man in between

This beach, just north of Liverpool, has 100 of these iron men dotted around it. Some are up to their knees in the sand and some are under the sea when the tide is in. Some of the men were covered in sand as people had tried to bury them and some were covered in barnacles from being under the salty water for so long! We enjoyed walking up and down the huge beach taking photos of them in the sunshine.

Madeleine and the photographers x

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Hi Sam from Greece

Posted by stuff4sam on July 27, 2006

Yasu’ (hello in Greek) Sam!

 Hi Sam from a ferry in gorgeous sunshine

Here I am on a ferry arriving in Patra travelling from Kefalonia. We stayed on the amazing island of Kefalonia for four days and even had a sunbathe on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed).

Lots of love

Jelena x

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Day one: train for 5k run

Posted by stuff4sam on July 26, 2006

On Sunday it was exactly six weeks to go to the Hydro and I thought I ought to do something about training. I dug out my trainers, headed down to my local gym and decided it was time to go contract! I have been doing “pay as you go” which meant when I didn’t have the readies, I didn’t go. So this time – NO MORE excuses!

I signed up for the six-week special summer offer and now am now on a monthly contract. It’s a good thing I like my gym – Fusion in East Dulwich (great staff and a lovely swimming pool but don’t tell everyone) – as I am going to be spending a lot more time there from now on.

On Monday I had my first gym session and it was bloomin’ hot on that exercise bike. I cycled for 20 minutes and then did lots of weight things before going for a lovely swim. Bliss!


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Book sale oddments!

Posted by stuff4sam on July 25, 2006

The office book sale has nearly made £250! A pretty amazing figure considering books are only 50p each.

There has been a quick turn-over of particular types of books but others have sat on the shelf for a while. Can’t think why the following haven’t sold:

  • The Execution of Private Slovik – 1950s second world war epic
  • Dog Days at the White House – the bestselling memoirs of the Presidential kennel keeper
  • The Moonbather – part of the Last of the Summer Wine series
  • The IRA – an intimate account
  • The Two – biography of the original siamese twins

 Cover of the book - The Two

If you fancy any of these titles drop us a line at and we’ll post it to you! Just make a donation on JustGiving.

Another classic book in the box was ‘Satan and the Swastika’. This was recently spotted secondhand on Amazon going for £195! Apparantly it is rare and collectable! Someone got a real bargain and a cracking good read. The back page promised the answer to a time honoured question – was Hitler was a psychic vampire? Answers on a postcard please…..

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Posted by stuff4sam on July 25, 2006

Hi Sam!


Met this lovely lady in Victoria Park in East London on Saturday – she was was there to listen to Groove Armada and some other cool groups in the sun. She was wearing her mum’s curlers and some strange glasses with no glass in the frames. I would have asked her why but I was too distracted by her cowprint outfit!

Mod & Chris

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Hi Sam from Brighton!

Posted by stuff4sam on July 25, 2006

Hi Sam!

Hi Sam in front of Brighton Pavillion

Hello from a hot and sunny Brighton! This is us in front of the Pavillion with it’s onion shaped domes and fancy windows. There was a brass band playing and lots of people lying around in deck chairs enjoying the sun. Later we walked on the beach and even went for a brief paddle in the sea (which was still quite cold).

Madeleine, Kathryn and Kevin x

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One year on

Posted by stuff4sam on July 21, 2006

Today it is a year since the accident. Our thoughts are with Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

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Hi Sam from India (kind of)

Posted by stuff4sam on July 20, 2006

Hi Sam! 

Hi Sam from all of us in book group holding up our copies of Holy Cow!

Our August book group book was Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald. It shared her experience of living in India for a couple of years and learning about the different religions there. The book described the sounds, sights and smells of India so we all felt like we had been there!

Love from all in the Book Group x

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Posted by stuff4sam on July 20, 2006

This morning we hit £10,000 on the Just Giving donation page. Although this is halfway to our target it is truly momentous to reach five figures!

Huge thanks to everyone who has donated or sponsored so far. If you haven’t done so, what are you waiting for? Its quick and simple to donate online at Just Giving.

One thousand and one of these tenners has tipped the total over 10K!

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Posted by stuff4sam on July 19, 2006

Another fundraising success! Our ongoing office book sale has now raised a staggering £180!

The sale is a real community effort with people donating their unwanted books / cds / audio books and leaving them in the book box in the shared kitchen on their floor. The boxes are ideal for browsing if looking for something to read or listen to on the sticky commute home. Each item is 50p.

Our Peterborough office are about to start a book sale. Why not start one in your office? It is a low maintenance way of raising money and a great way of recycling unwanted items. When you are ready, simply add the money via the donations button.

Your books will help us to get stuff4Sam.

 Books4Sam sale at Judd Street

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