Are we nearly there yet?

Posted by stuff4sam on July 4, 2006

You know what it is like on long journeys – the time drags and there is nothing to do. We need some help to make this journey fun! Although it will be very stimulating covering 120 miles by bike, we need something to keep our minds full. Do you have any good games or songs to keep us going? Here are some to get you thinking:

  • Sing ‘120 green bottles sitting on a wall….’
  • Play ‘I spy’?
  • Make alphabetical list of boy bands (A-ha, Boyzone, Culture Club etc)
  • Resolve the ‘why are we here debate’.

All suggestions gratefully received. All sensible ones will be carried out on the ride!

Five days to go! 


3 Responses to “Are we nearly there yet?”

  1. Mel said

    How about counting the number of people who say ‘oo, look – its two blokes on a tandem!’ (prediction = lots) Or you could see how many tandem songs can you remember the words of?


  2. Mod said

    Culture Club a ‘boy band’?! Boy George would turn his rake on you if he heard that…

    But if you and James need something to occupy your minds, how about coming up with other odd couples (real or imaginary) in odd situations? So you could have Mother Teresa and Dylan Thomas on a life raft. William Shatner and anybody not in Star Treck counts as an odd couple…you get the drift!

  3. Debra said

    I was going to suggest spotting car numberplates but that would be really stupid. Whatever you do, don’t do anything that might lead to an argument cos 12 hours is a long time to have a sulk!

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