Time trial

Posted by stuff4sam on July 5, 2006

People have been asking how long the ride will take. I thought I would pass the question back! Add your prediction as a comment here and the person closest to the actual time will win a momento from Dunwich – there’s an incentive for you!

Hint – 200 kilometres in 11 hours means an average speed of 20km per hour including just four 15 minute water and stretching breaks over the whole night. This is quite harsh. We only managed this for four hours at the weekend. Most cyclists do the Dynamo in around 12 hours. Bear in mind only hardened cyclists do the ride and neither of us are!

2 Responses to “Time trial”

  1. m said

    I think it will take you 12 hours and ten minutes. But if you make it to the beach in 11 hours I will add £20 to my sponsorship! There’s an incentive for you!

  2. iheni said

    Count me in, if you make it in 11 hours I’ll add in another £20 to the pot. Good job Essex/Suffolk is flat!

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