On yer bike!

Posted by stuff4sam on July 8, 2006

Hugh and James with Hi Sam banner at the start

Hugh and James, looking resplendent in tight lycra all in ones with “Stuff4Sam” T-shirts, got off to a good start at 8.45pm along with about 300 other cyclists. The tandem was fixed up with all the necessities they needed from water to power bars, lights and mobile phones. Last minute alterations were made to the seats on the bike by Paul, a friend of a friend of a colleague very who very kindly lent the boys the tandem.

Hugh seemed quite nervous in anticipation of the ride and keen to get off especially once the sun started to go down. So off they went cycling past the (packed) Pub on the Park (where we remained) down Mare Street out towards the wilds of Essex.

It’s quite something to think that they have around 12 hours of cycling in from of them, the equivalent of a flight from London to Singapore. We have to hope that all of the padding that we saw on their bottoms does what it’s supposed to… 


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