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Hi Sam from Dunwich

Posted by stuff4sam on July 10, 2006

Hi Sam!

 Hi Sam from Dunwich beach, Suffolk

James and I did a very very big bike ride when most people were asleep. Its very exciting riding in the dark with lots of bike lights twinkling for as far as you can see! We saw a cow and heard an owl in the trees. Apart from that, all the animals seemed to be in bed.

We cycled for a long time but then the bike wheel broke. It was really hard to go any further. Some lovely people gave us a lift in their car and we made it to the beach to take this picture for you!

Hugh x 

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Dunwich pics

Posted by stuff4sam on July 10, 2006

Pictures here as promised.

In Hackney at the start, full of high spirits! The blurry effect shows the speed we were going and the concentration on our faces! 

Hugh and James setting off into the night

At Dunwich – a mound of bikes at the finish. Not quite all 700!

 So many bikes at the end!

Cyclists cooling off on the beach including one man who did it sans trunks! 

 Cyclists swimming in the cold!

James and I sharing a well earned cup of tea

 Hugh and James with a well deserved cup of tea

And finally – a message to Sam from the beach. The picture shows our Stuff4Sam t-shirts in all their glory!

Hi Sam message on the beach showing t-shirts from the back


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80km ride needed

Posted by stuff4sam on July 10, 2006

To make up for disappointment of not completing the ride on Saturday night we are looking for suggestions for a route to complete the distance. Do you know a good cycle route starting from London that is around 80km? I am thinking of London to Brighton and back again rather than going round Richmond Park six times. Please leave your comments here!


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Team Dunwich

Posted by stuff4sam on July 10, 2006

Big thank you’s to the team behind the scenes…

Finding a tandem: Thanks to Mary for recommending I speak to Paul and to Paul for putting me onto Graham who had a tandem! A chain of people without whom we couldn’t have done the ride. Graham lent us a superb bike and gave over two nights last week to set it up and make sure everything was adjusted. Also thanks to Steve and Tina for lending us their tandem last weekend for our training ride and offering it as a back-up.

Dun Run: Big thanks to James for being a fantastic front rider, training partner and for steering speedily and safely through both busy roads and pitch dark lanes.

Help at hand: Thanks to Chris with the van who took the bike and buckled back wheel onto Dunwich from the rest station at 2:30am. Thanks also to the fantastic gentleman (we can’t remember your name?) who drove us in his car to Dunwich. Without him we would have slept in a hedgerow with only leaves as shelter from the rain and more seriously we wouldn’t have been able to get to Dunwich beach!

Bringing it all together: Thanks to the team behind the scenes. Ian designed the wonderful Stuff4Sam logo that was on our t-shirts. Henny, MOD and Madeleine set up this website.

On the night: Thanks to Henny, MOD and the Chris’ for waving us off at the start and to Madeleine for travelling the 120 miles out to Dunwich, staying overnight and for welcoming us onto the beach!


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