Random tandems

Posted by stuff4sam on July 13, 2006

After the exciting adventures I have had on tandems recently I am seriously considering buying one. But there are so many different types to choose from. Where to start….

I could buy a recumbent one.

Tandem operated from a lying down position 

Hmm, not so good on busy roads with scary bendy buses overtaking. 

I could buy a tricycle one. 

 Tandem with two wheels at the front

Hmm, might have to get a basket and a bell to complement the look? 

I could buy a wooden one.

Tandem with frame made from wood

Hmm, possibilities of wood-boring insects and other infestations. 

I could buy a side-by-side one.

Tandem made so riders can sit side-by-side

Hmm, don’t think this is made for speed or lycra wearing! Also who would have ultimate control over the steering?!

I could buy one with lots of lights on.

Tandem lit up by fairy lights and pulling a sleigh!

Hmm, too festive and where would I keep the elves? 

Or I could just get a standard one. But where to start? Watch this space!


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  1. m said

    My favourite is the side-by-side one! You could have a nice chat while you cycle!

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