Book sale oddments!

Posted by stuff4sam on July 25, 2006

The office book sale has nearly made £250! A pretty amazing figure considering books are only 50p each.

There has been a quick turn-over of particular types of books but others have sat on the shelf for a while. Can’t think why the following haven’t sold:

  • The Execution of Private Slovik – 1950s second world war epic
  • Dog Days at the White House – the bestselling memoirs of the Presidential kennel keeper
  • The Moonbather – part of the Last of the Summer Wine series
  • The IRA – an intimate account
  • The Two – biography of the original siamese twins

 Cover of the book - The Two

If you fancy any of these titles drop us a line at and we’ll post it to you! Just make a donation on JustGiving.

Another classic book in the box was ‘Satan and the Swastika’. This was recently spotted secondhand on Amazon going for £195! Apparantly it is rare and collectable! Someone got a real bargain and a cracking good read. The back page promised the answer to a time honoured question – was Hitler was a psychic vampire? Answers on a postcard please…..

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