Day one: train for 5k run

Posted by stuff4sam on July 26, 2006

On Sunday it was exactly six weeks to go to the Hydro and I thought I ought to do something about training. I dug out my trainers, headed down to my local gym and decided it was time to go contract! I have been doing “pay as you go” which meant when I didn’t have the readies, I didn’t go. So this time – NO MORE excuses!

I signed up for the six-week special summer offer and now am now on a monthly contract. It’s a good thing I like my gym – Fusion in East Dulwich (great staff and a lovely swimming pool but don’t tell everyone) – as I am going to be spending a lot more time there from now on.

On Monday I had my first gym session and it was bloomin’ hot on that exercise bike. I cycled for 20 minutes and then did lots of weight things before going for a lovely swim. Bliss!


One Response to “Day one: train for 5k run”

  1. m said

    Well done on getting through the first session, especially in weather like this! Am sure the swim at the end was well deserved.

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