Book crossing for Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on August 3, 2006

This morning on his way to work, Ian released six books with a special stuff4sam message insert. Ian has promised to donate £1 to Stuff4Sam everytime someone picks up one of his books. By the time he got to work, Brideshead Revisited had been captured! So, that’s £1 in the pot already!

If you are visiting this blog as a result of capturing one of Ian’s books – welcome! Tell us where you found the book and what you plan to do with it! 

Book Crossing is the latest craze to sweep the nation. If you spot a book lurking in the undergrowth somewhere in London – pick it up and follow the instructions.

Contact us at if you want to get involved in Book Crossing for Sam. We’ll send you special Stuff4Sam labels to help you on your way!


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