Hi Sam from a high place!

Posted by stuff4sam on August 31, 2006

Hi Sam,

Big Mod and the aunts at the top of the London Eye

Last week my sister Mary (aka Big Mod) and my aunts Maureen and Phylis, came over from Ireland to London to visit. One of the highlights of their visit was a ‘flight’ on the London Eye – in the photo we’re at the very top, which has to be the highest you can be in London without getting on a plane. Better still, we had VIP tickets so we didn’t have to queue!




3 Responses to “Hi Sam from a high place!”

  1. eleanor said

    wow! I will make sure I do that next time I am in London. Just a suggestion to the stuff4sam team, that you might like to post something on the Flickr communities. Tey have members all over the world and I am sure they will love to send postcards to Sam. The three I suggest are and

  2. stuff4sam said

    Hi Eleanor,

    Great to hear from you and hope you are well…we still need to do the UI Gardens ( get together, could do a Hi Sam picture there!

    Love your ideas about Flickr and will get on the case. Thanks again for the tip.


  3. eleanor said

    Hi Henny,
    Yes I think we should! But I am going to Spain on Thursday and I will remember to do a Hi Sam picture there. and add it to the Flickr groups.
    I am busy looking for another job and have not been doing much at uigardens:(


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