We did it!

Posted by stuff4sam on September 4, 2006

Debbie and Jane after the 5k

What a fab day! 20,000 women and us, all running and walking 5k to raise an incredible £21 million for charity. We did it for Sam and so far we have raised £423 with promises of more to come.

Jane: Though the day began grey and damp, when we all lined up at the start the sun came out and everyone cheered. Off we went with smiles on our faces, “toodly-pippin'” along, looking out for the 1km, 2km, 3km markers. I had my poor feet rolled over by a buggy and was trampled on by many feet! I was attacked by helium balloons including inflated eye balls and was closely followed by Postman Pat! With the finish line in sight and the crowds cheering it was a wonderful feeling of triumph. WE DID IT! Thank you to everyone who supported us and our fundraising for Sam.

Debbie: Well the training paid off! We did it!! As Jane said, it was glorious and the park was perfect after a couple of weeks of rain. Very lush and very green! Our goal was one hour but with some bottlenecks on the bends, we managed 65 minutes. Crossing the line hand-in-hand we were really happy to know that we had done something that will really help Sam. Thank you so much for all your kind support and messages and a special big thanks to Ann for coming to meet us afterwards with a lovely bottle of fizz!

2 Responses to “We did it!”

  1. m said

    Well done ladies! What a fantastic achievement and so much cash raised too!


  2. stuff4sam said

    Well done both of you…really impressed!


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