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Crafty plans

Posted by stuff4sam on September 13, 2006

 Cartoon santa with sack

Do you have a talent for making things? Are you demon knitter or a crafty carpenter? If so, we need your help. The office Christmas crafts sales (in London and Peterborough) are soon to be confirmed for November / December and we need your help. We are looking for donations of quality items that people would buy to give as Christmas presents.

The early birds have already started making fabulous scarves and cards. Other ideas for contributions could be:

  • soft toys / finger puppets
  • games
  • childrens’ clothes
  • hats / scarves / gloves
  • jewellry
  • bags
  • paintings
  • photographs
  • gift cards
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas decorations

We need a good spead of stocking filler and more substantial items. If you want to talk through your ideas email or post comments here.

If you don’t have creative juices, then come along to the sale, buy your Christmas gifts and then pass them off as your own creations! Easy!

If you are not part of RNIB why not send us your items or set up your own sale? Please support us help raise money to get stuff4sam.

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