Sale update from Peterborough – books, cakes and scarves!

Posted by stuff4sam on September 18, 2006

Now in its fourth week, the Peterborough office book sale is a runaway success. So far an impressive £145 has been raised! Thanks to everyone who has donated and bought books so far.

Due to success of the book sale, we have other money raising plans in the pipeline:

Selection of cakes

On October 27th there will be a cake stall in the restaurant. We need donations of your cake specialities to sell. It can be a cake you have made, biscuits, cookies, or even a donation of a Mr Kipling selection if you are not a brilliant baker. Contributions of homemade preserves or other delicious delicacies would also be very welcome. Our on-site catering company are donating a fabulous cake which will be raffled. As the 27th is a Friday we are sure that the Peterborough teams won’t miss this opportunity to treat themselves for the weekend!

Finally there will be a handmade knitted scarf sale (various colours and prices) in the restaurant on November 15th. If we sell out and you still want that special gift for Christmas or even to treat yourself then don’t despair as orders can be taken. Our team of trusty knitters are standing by!

We’ll keep you posted on progress.

The Peterborough stuff4sam team

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