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Book sale – more random titles!

Posted by stuff4sam on October 6, 2006

Modern fiction and the classics are often found lurking our book sale. From Middlemarch and Jane Eyre to Memoirs of a Geisha and Stephen King’s The Green Mile, there has been a quick turnover of stock. The ones that tend to hang around are a little more random! It takes an adventurous type to sample an unusual western or a challenging sci-fi. But for 50p how can you go wrong?

Here is the blurb from the back of one random looking title: Spur – Klondike Cutie

“A boomtown full of the most ornery vermin ever to pan a river, Dawson was the perfect place for a killer to hide – until Spur McCoy arrived. Fresh from a steamboat and the steamiest women he’d ever staked a claim on, McCoy knew the chances of mining gold were very good in the Klondike, And to his delight, the prospects of golden gals were even better. With the help of the local Mounties, Spur was sure to get his man sooner or later. But when it came to getting the ladies, he would strike the mother lode quicker than a dogsled driver could yell mush!”

Any takers?!

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