Christmas Craft Fair – total gets us to £13k!

Posted by stuff4sam on December 1, 2006

The Christmas Craft Fair today raised £820! A truly staggering figure. Many thanks to all who contributed something to the sale and all who came and spent. We will publish a more detailed account of the sale with pictures of happy people eating cake  sometime next week.

The success of the sale got us over the £13,000 total. Will the party at the weekend be able to get us to the next thousand?   

3 Responses to “Christmas Craft Fair – total gets us to £13k!”

  1. Donna said

    That’s an amazing total! Congratulations to all who were involved!

    I wasn’t able to be there, but I’m going to sell on eBay the jewellery I had hoped to make and sell at the Craft Fair, and anything I make after basic costs will be going into the Stuff4Sam fund. I just put the first couple of items up:

    1. Turquoise and crystal glass bead drop earrings
    2. Sea-green, bronze and rose colour bead drop earrings

    Here’s hoping these and the other items I’m planning to sell on eBay attract lots of buyers. 🙂


  2. Henny said

    Hi Donna,
    Thanks so much for that – what a brilliant idea. Love the deigns as well!

  3. Henny said

    I mean “designs” don’t I

    *points up*

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