Next bit of kit for Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on December 1, 2006

The next thing we are hoping to buy for Sam is a Rancho Jaeco MultiLink Mobile Arm Support with Elevation Assist. It costs £3000.

The blurb in the brochure says the following: “Mobile Arm Supports are designed for clients with severe shoulder girdle weakness. They will help strengthen muscles. Mobile Arm Supports work by supporting the weight of the arm and the use of multiple articulated joints facilitate ease of movement”

Sam is at risk of heart problems and pressure sores because of his lack of movement. The FES bike is helping to keep his heart and leg muscles active. This additional piece of kit will work the same magic on his upper body. The equipment will also help Sam develop muscles in his arms. The development of even a centimeter of movement in each arm would allow Sam to control his wheelchair.

Find out more about the science behind the Mobile Arm Support.

As you know, Sam now has his FES bike and enjoys cycling on it every other day. Last week he cycled 2.8 miles in one day! Here is a photo of him when he was trying it out in the hospital.

Sam using the FES bike

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