Craft fair update

Posted by stuff4sam on December 6, 2006

We said that we would share news about the craft fair. Well the good news is that the money keeps coming in. Sales of left over Christmas cards, scaves and bags are filling up the coffers and bring the current total to £900! Amazing! We will carry on selling cards and festive items up until the end of term so watch this space for a final total soon.

Here is a sample of what we had on the table at the start of the sale:

  • 14 scarves
  • 25 knitted flowers
  • 3 plants
  • 11 wooden doorstops
  • 18 handmade bags
  • 200 handmade cards
  • 15 Christmas decorations
  • 12 necklaces
  • 5 bracelets
  • 7 pairs of earrings 
  • assorted smellies, books, CDs and bric-a-brac
  • 10 decorated dog bowls
  • 12 painted glass vases
  • 10 new audio books
  • 6 large cakes and 80 assorted individual cakes, muffins and biscuits
  • and 8 cuddly toys!

Huge thanks to all who made something for the sale and helped to raise such a spectacular amount of money.

Donna who missed the sale is selling her lovely earrings on eBay. A perfect gift for Christmas! She is donating the proceeds to stuff4sam so get bidding!

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