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One year on…

Posted by stuff4sam on December 15, 2006

It’s been a whole year since we started raising money for Sam. At the start we set ourselves the nail biting target of £3k. We could never have imagined that we would be at almost £16k 12 months later!

Within an afternoon of the first email going out, asking for sponsorship of Henny’s dog sledding, £1k had been raised. And that was just from colleagues. Within a week £3k had been exceeded.

The unwanted Christmas present sales in London and Birmingham, a raffle and office swear box all tipped the total to £8k by the end on January 2006. Not bad for six weeks work!

Other events and activities followed including Hugh’s bike ride in July, Debbie and Jane’s 5k in September, Arlo’s 1 mile sponsored walk, book boxes in London and Peterborough, cake and scarf sales in Peterborough, the Christmas craft fair and of course the party. There have been generous donations coming from far and wide including the PIC team who have each donated their office birthday collections to the fund, raising about £500 over the year.   

So many people have pulled out the stops to make this happen and without exception everyone has said “Oh, it was nothing”. But it has meant everything.

Especially big thank you’s go to:

Thank you all.

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