Sam and his magnificent cycling machine!

Posted by stuff4sam on December 19, 2006

Check out this video of Sam on his FES exercise bike (new window) clocking up more miles than all of the Stuff4sam team put together – 3 miles no less!

The bike moves itself and Sam’s legs with it which in turn boosts his overall general health as well as keep him entertained. In fact his Dad said that before Sam had his bike fighting off a cold was long and difficult, possibly meaning hospitalisation, but now he is building up his own resistance he has been able to fight off a cold in only a matter of days.

The bike is linked up to a hospital database over in the States where his progress is monitored and exercise plans are worked out for him (impressive for a personal trainer!). This means he is never over worked and crucial data can be mined to determine his level of improvement and monitor his stimulation.

It’s widely believed that using a bike to stimulate can give hope to restoring some movement. Christopher Reeve used a FES bike and regained a bit of movement in his little fingers after he started training.

Any time soon Sam should also be recieving some arm extensions so that when he isn’t training he can keep busy painting and playing. None of this would have happened without your support and we can’t thank you enough. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to get him some new equipment to use as well.

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