Happy New Year from Neil, Kazumi and Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on December 30, 2006

Dear all,

We hope you all had lovely Christmas.

We had a wonderful Christmas here with our little Sam. Thinking about last year, this is just like a dream. Last Christmas Sam was still an in-patient at Bristol Children’s hospital and was only allowed to come home for two days.

Now he is home and so healthy, thanks to all your help. He now does cycling every other day with an average of 3 miles per session!! We can gradually feel his little muscles coming back around his thighs, just as they should be.

Just before Christmas we received the mobile arm extensions, which was simply great! When he stands, we can use this new equipment to help his arm movement. His shoulder movements are getting stronger and stronger. With his arms resting on the arm extensions, Sam can shrug his shoulders and because the arm extension are so delicate and they look like they are ‘floating’ by his side, Sam can move his hands up and down slightly which means with these arm extensions he can see his arms moving. We are attaching a little airbrush to these extensions which blows paint onto a canvas, so he can actually paint! This is simply overwhelming for us as this is the only way that he has physically been able to create something since the accident.

This may not seem like much, but when you see Sam so immobile, just like a little statue, to see any movement is magnified 1000 times for us! We will paint a picture and show you all on the website!

All these pieces of equipments you’ve help get for Sam in 2006 have helped so much to keep Sam healthy and to strenghten his movement. The chair gives us the freedom to go pretty much anywhere and it is a real workhorse, allowing us to go in our car, going on beaches, through woods and trailing muddy tacks through the house. The FES bike gives Sam immeasurable benefit to his health and fitness, and Sam now loves anything to do with bikes or two wheels as it is something he can do himself. The arm extensions will strengthen his little shoulders and give him the opportunity to build up his muscles and be creative.

How can we thank you enough for your help…we can only show you pictures of Sam happy and smiling as he ususally is, and a beautiful, cheeky little boy.

We will post you with new photos of sam with his arm extensions very soon.

We firmly believe that one day Sam will walk again, and with your help we look forward to lots more progress for Sam in the year ahead.

We wish you all a very happy and healthy new year.

Neil, Kazumi and Sam

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