Posted by stuff4sam on January 26, 2007

Yes, its true – we have reached £18,000!

Totaliser hits £18,000

Only the other day we were hoping that we might make it to £18k by the end of February. Well, one phone call was all it took! We called Royal Mail to chase where the mail sent to the stuff4sam PO Box had gone and the next day there were four cheques on the mat! What impressive customer service!

Huge thanks go out to friends of Neil, Kazumi and Sam who collectively have donated £1250. We are stunned and touched by your generosity.

What’s next….

The next serious goal is the big 2-0! Sam’s third birthday is on 13 March. It would be really something to have raised £20,000 to mark this occasion.

Donations and events have been promised but now is the time to put monies and mouths together! If you want to do something, now is the time! Lets pull out all the stops to reach this target!

There are some donations already on their way, the London and Peterborough book boxes are still going strong and a London post-Christmas, pre-everything else sale is planned for Friday 9 March. But is it enough? We need your help to make Sam’s birthday a super special one!

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