Message and pictures from Sam’s Mum

Posted by stuff4sam on February 7, 2007

Sam laughing with his new arm extensions  Sam with his new arm extensions


I just really want to send over some photos to show how wonderful Sam’s new arm supports are. They cannot fully convey their use, but now he can do painting by attaching a paint brush onto these supports.

As you can see from the photo, he also has switches around his head to activate his accessible toys. His head control is getting really strong, so now we have to keep an even closer eye on him!!

He also has a great fun with his newly arrived electric wheelchair (still one on loan, his one has not yet been completed, which is frustrating!). He has very good chin control and is gradually getting an idea of controlling his movement. This is another reason why we need to watch over him so closely, as he can zoom off so quickly!!

That’s all for now. We are all well, and Sam is very happy despite some little colds now and then.

Kazumi, Neil and Sam

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