Happy birthday Sam!

Posted by stuff4sam on March 13, 2007

Happy birthday balloon

Happy birthday Sam! Congratulations on being 3! Here’s hoping you have a lovely day and a fantastic year.  Hope you enjoy a few of the massages below too.

Lots of love from us all at stuff4sam xx


11 Responses to “Happy birthday Sam!”

  1. Henny said

    Hi Sam,

    Have a lovely day today. It’s a fantastic sunny spring day here in London I hope it is where you are too. Enjoy the Miso soup!

    Love Henny

  2. Bim said

    Happy birthday Sam!

    Have a very special day, full of smiles and presents, hugs and laughter.

    Lots of love from Bim, George and Royston.

  3. Debbie said

    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday, dear Sam.
    Happy birthday to you!

    Hurray! Hurrah! Hope you have a fun day now you are three!

    Lots of love from

    Debbie xx

  4. Ian said


    Have an absolutely brilliant birthday.

    Can I play with the toys?


  5. Rachel said

    Hi Sam

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day. It was my birthday yesterday… hurray for March birthdays!!

    love Rachel

  6. Donna said

    Hi Sam!

    Goodness – 3 years old already! Hope you have a lovely day – it’s your special day.

    Happy third birthday!

    love Donna xx

  7. christopher said

    Hey Sam, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that you get many gifts to enjoy on this special day.

    Remember that any gifts that you get can only scratch the surface of how much love people have for you out there. I hope that you are able to feel how much people care for you and that they are thinking of you and wishing you well today.

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!

  8. Donna R said

    Hi Sam

    Happy, happy birthday Sam . Hope you have a lovely day full of laughter and suprises.
    All the support taff and runners of ‘Team RNIB’ wish you a lovely day too.

  9. m said

    Very happy birthday Sam! Wishing you a happy day with lots of fun, laughter and new toys to play with!

    Lots of love, madeleine

  10. Mod said

    Hi Sam!

    Hope you have a fab birthday, with lots of candles to blow out, ballons to burst, cake to scoff and not too many people singing Happy Birthday out of tune 😉


  11. Hugh said

    Hi Sam, have a massive happy birthday with all your friends thinking about you. Make sure you get an extra good bike ride in to celebrate you are now 3!

    Love, Hugh xx

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