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Hi Sam from Kew

Posted by stuff4sam on March 14, 2007

Hi Sam!

 Hi Sam from the top of a staircase in the Palm House at Kew Gardens

A couple of weekends ago we went to Kew Gardens. It was a lovely sunny cold day. We had a picnic under a big tree with squeeky branches and watched the world go by.

Later we went into the Palm House which is where we took our picture. It was really hot in there! We went up a spiral staircase so we could be as tall as the trees.

Outside in the park there were beautiful carpets of crocuses, all purple and white. It felt very spring-like.

A carpet of crocuses

love Madeleine and Hugh xxx


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Sawadee Sam!

Posted by stuff4sam on March 14, 2007

Sawadee Sam!

That means Hi Sam in Thai. Here’s a picture of me and Chris on Kohn Samet with some Thai gods. Apparently the princess (on the left) was kidnapped by an evil spirit and the prince had to use his magic flute to rescue her. We saw nothing like that when we were there but the curry was world class!

Hi Sam from Koh Samet!

Love Mod and Chris

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