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Happy birthday Sam!

Posted by stuff4sam on March 13, 2007

Happy birthday balloon

Happy birthday Sam! Congratulations on being 3! Here’s hoping you have a lovely day and a fantastic year.  Hope you enjoy a few of the massages below too.

Lots of love from us all at stuff4sam xx

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Hi Sam from Edinburgh

Posted by stuff4sam on March 12, 2007

Hi Sam!

Hi Sam from Arlo in his pushchair 

Happy Birthday!

Here I am in North Queensferry, next to the Forth Bridge. I went to Scotland for the weekend with my mummy and daddy and we went on a trip to Deep Sea World. Here is one of the freaky fish we saw. It looks like it is made from stone but it is a real fish!

Stone fish under water with spooky eyes

Love from Arlo xxx

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Sale away

Posted by stuff4sam on March 9, 2007

The London sale today raised a substantial £718!

Even though there weren’t that many people in the office, people came to browse, buy raffle tickets, guess the name of the baby and buy cakes. There was also a lucky dip for those feeling adventurous.

Dorothy and Karen at the sale

Thanks to all who came, donated and bought and big thanks to Dorothy and Sharon who did all the hard work.

The sale takes us well over the £19k mark to £19,535!

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Posted by stuff4sam on March 9, 2007

Hooray, another notch on the totaliser!

Totaliser showing £19k

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The run up to Sam’s birthday next Tuesday!

Posted by stuff4sam on March 8, 2007

It will be Sam’s third birthday on Tuesday 13 March and we’d love to mark the occasion by reaching our £20,000 target. We’re not so far off and there’s lots of stuff4sam activity planned over the next couple of weeks.

This Friday it’s the London unwanted Christmas presents / Spring clean sale. As well as the usual smellies, jewellery, books, CDs and random items there will be a hearty cake stall, a raffle and a guess the name of the baby competition. Sounds like a jolly village fete doesn’t it?

The following Friday is host to the Peterborough Easter Egg and cakes sale. Our friends in Peterborough are sharing recipes and planning their creations as we speak.

In addition to these fabulous events, we have other monies coming in from various team birthdays, Lynn’s leaving collection (thanks Lynn!), a couple of PayPal donations and of course the book boxes.

Watch this space the next viewing of the totaliser!

By the way we are not planning on stopping when we reach £20,000, it was just a large number to aim for when we started all this back in December 2005. Sam still needs stuff and we’ll keep raising money to buy it. Our next target will be £30,000.

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Hi Sam from the Antarctic!

Posted by stuff4sam on March 7, 2007

Hi Sam,

Hi Sam in front of iceburgs

 We are friends of Madeleine and Hugh. We went on a trip to Antarctica!

This is a picture taken on the deck of the Russian boat which took us from the far south of Argentina all the way to the Antarctic Peninsula. You can see the snow and iceburgs behind us.

While we were there we saw lots of animals we had never seen before, including king penguins (almost as big as you!) and humpback whales (much bigger than all of us put together!).

It was very cold but we had lots and lots of clothes to keep us warm.

Clare and Jonathan xx

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