Second life – what are your thoughts?

Posted by stuff4sam on July 25, 2007

I’ve been hanging out in the virtual world Second Life a lot recently wrapping my head around all the amazing things you can do there. If you haven’t already seen it Second Life is a virtual world where you create your own online persona called an avatar, who can do a lot of the things you do in everyday life but in a online environment. Something that’s really struck me however is how this could be a real opportunity for people who are restricted in some way in their day to day lives.

People listening to a talk by Judy Brewer of the Web Accessibility Initiative in Second Life

Working as a Web Accessibility Consultant this is hardly surprising but what really got me excited was thinking of the opportunities that it could give Sam. Imagine if he could hang out in Second Life, meet people, go to concerts, take courses, fly, visit art galleries, even play football with his Dad.

To do all this though Second Life needs to be accessible which, from what I have seen so far, it is not. So I’ve decided to look into it myself and research how Second Life fairs in terms of accessibility from the perspective of all users including people with mobility, visual, hearing and cognitive impairments but I need your help. Rather than just put on my auditors hat I’d like to also hear what your experiences are with Second Life including the good as well as the bad, what you find troublesome, what features you like most and if you use an access technology or change your browser settings.

If you’d like to share you thoughts with me then drop me an email at I’ll publish my findings here as well as on the RNIB Web Access Blog.

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