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Hi Sam from Second Life

Posted by stuff4sam on September 19, 2007

Hi Sam,

Hi Sam from the beach, Live2give Island Second Life

Here I am on Live2Give Island in Second Life blowing you a kiss. Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its Residents who are online versions of themselves (also known as avatars). I’ve been exploring it for some time now to see how accessible Second Life is in the hope that one day we can hang out together there.

Live2give is my favorite place because it’s very chilled and full of interesting people. The island is owned by an avatar called Wilde who is a combination of 9 disabled men and women who inhabit one virtual body. I’ve met lots of other people in Second Life who, like Wilde, are restricted in first life and loved hearing their stories and adventures of places they can visit and things they can do which they can’t do in their day to day lives like go to the cinema, a concert, fly, swim and dance.

I’ve started a Stuff4Sam group in Second Life to help raise awareness and hopefully raise funds. We’re also looking at how we can make Second Life more accessible to people who use assitive technology to access the web. It’s an open group and I would love for you and anyone else to come and join me – the more the better! Just search for “stuff4sam” in groups search section and we’ll pop up.

See you soon, Noodle Cioc x

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