Four men set off in their boat

Posted by stuff4sam on September 24, 2007

My old friends ‘four men in a boat’ launched their epic journey down the Thames on Sunday.
The great ‘Four Men in a Boat’ journey has begun! Toby, Kip, Eg and Brig launched out from Lechlade-on-Thames in Gloucestershire early Sunday morning and Sam was there to see them off. They are now making there way effortlessly down the Thames at a frightening speed, flying the ‘Hi Sam’ flag.

Neil and Sam with the four men (but no boat)

Complete with camping gear, lots of food and a copious amout of drink they are spending their nights on the shore and in the boat, and days straining their muscles… all raising money for Sam. As they set sail, we saw them in the distance taking their first evenish strokes and Sam saw them disappear from view. Even though Sam didn’t say very much at the launch, he talked non-stop about it in the car and is now keen on going in the water himself! Please give them a wave if you see them on the Thames over the next week.
We all very much appeciative of them and everyone taking their holiday time to raise money for Sam’s equipment.

Behind the scenes we are investigating some pieces of equipment that would have huge rehabilitation benefits for Sam. The company that produces the FES bicycle are producing an upper body arm cycling FES machine that would be incredibly benefical for Sam’s upper body. There is also a partial body weight supported walking treadmill that would enable Sam’s legs to be propelled by two assitants over a treadmill to simulate walking and produce a natural gait pattern.

Partial body weight supported walking treadmill 

There is even new research into vibrating plates that could be used with Sam’s standing frame to maximise his time in the frame and increase his bone density etc. On a different front we are looking into a bicycle that could have Sam’s wheelchair attached to the front – so it could mean we start entering some cycle races with Hugh! So we are making sure what the best thing would be for Sam so that the money is spent wisely and doing Sam as much benefit as can be.
We are all incredibly thankful that friends and stangers have come to help Sam. Being completely paralysed below the neck and being on a ventilator, his life has health and meaning because of the equipment you have helped provide. We are thankful that more people have come to help Sam than we could ever have expected – and that helps us keep Sam strong.
With our thanks to you all.

4 Responses to “Four men set off in their boat”

  1. Debbie said

    Good luck guys! I hope all goes well. I just spent a weekend on a canal boat in Bedfordshire and had such a good time though it was a lot easier than rowing! Wish I’d remmebred to take my Hi Sam banner though!

  2. aquabot said

    Best of luck boys …Go to Hampton Court Palace if you get a chance…its just on the bank. I still have a fresh memories of it…

  3. iheni said

    I’m so impressed with what you are doing and glad the sun is finally out after the apocalyptic rain we had on Monday – my garden was a swimming pool, surely easier to navigate than the Thames! I can’t make it on Thursday but I’m planning to come and meet you all on Saturday at the pub with teh rest of the Stuff4Sam team.


    P.S. It’s great to see that the original “Hi Sam!” picture from the Arctic is getting an outing down the Thames!

  4. m said

    Hi guys,

    been thinking about you as I caved in and put the heating on this week. Hope it hasn’t been too cold out on the river!

    Hugh is out rowing at Hammersmith tonight and hopes to see you if you are there. If not, we’ll be part of the stuff4sam team around at Putney on Saturday. Look forward to meeting you then.

    madeleine and hugh

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