Four men in a boat make it on to dry land!

Posted by stuff4sam on October 1, 2007

Toby, Edward, James and Alister at the Dukes Head 

We all went down to the Dukes Head, Putney Bridge to welcome Toby, Edward, James and Alister back from their epic five day row from Lechlade in the Cotsworlds to Putney London. Looking quite the pro’s in their Stuff4Sam T-shirts we heard a few of their tales from the trip. They met a lot of people along the way who gave them places to stay as well as donated to Stuff4Sam, well over £100 was collected along the way.  It wasn’t all beer and skittles though as they batttled through rainy and windy weather conditions at the start of last week and were literally rowing against winds forcing them back upstream. 

The boys in their Stuff4Sam shirts

As well as hearing about the trip they the boys are hatching a new plan to row down the remaining part of the Thames some time in the spring, taking them through east London out to Essex.  We’ll keep you posted…

Aside from an eventful trip Saturday was not without adventure itself. The spring tides were out in force and it wasn’t long after parking outside the pub that we noticed the river spill over onto the road and start flooding. One of our friends Chris just managed to move his just in time (he’s always wanted an amphibious vehical) after having had to wade though water to get to it. Others were not so lucky as their cars got flooded and bopped in the water as the pictures below show.

A car parked on a road flooded by the Thames spring tides

So a huge thank you to Toby, Edward, James and Alister for not just the fundraising but also spreading the word. We’ll be posting the final amount raised soon so don’t forget to come back to teh site and check.

The Stuff4Sam crew Chris B, Mod, Henny, Chris X and

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