Walking Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on November 23, 2007

This is just a quick note to thank everybody for their recent huge efforts.

We have found what we hope is a piece of equipment with huge benefits for Sam. It’s the LiteGait system that we mentioned a few weeks ago. We have now trialed it with Sam at Stoke Mandeville and are getting it on loan at home. If it all goes well we can then put in our order to buy one for permanent use.

Please have a look at Sam ‘walking’ for the first time since the accident in this You Tube clip. It was simply amazing to see him do this and what the video doesn’t show is Sam’s huge smile when he saw himself in the mirror walking!… we didn’t know what Sam would think… but he absolutely loved it and I think he felt free for the first time since the accident.

Usually he is always in a chair, on a bed or with something up against him. In the walking machine he looked free and he was moving his head and shoulders so strongly it was fantastic. I can’t wait to use this as part of Sam’s training program. We call it Sam’s ‘Astronaut Training Program’ as we are doing nothing less than reaching for the stars and one day he will make it! So on one day we will do cycling, one day standing and one day walking… like a little athlete!

But thanks to you all, it is possibly for us to do this… and we quite simply couldn’t do it without you. We are so lucky we can choose this equipment. Where around us there feels so many limitations and restrictions, it makes us feel that we can choose the best equipment we can for Sam, and that is directly benefiting him. I hope you enjoy seeing him ‘walk’ again…

Neil, Kazumi and Sam

One Response to “Walking Sam”

  1. Firstly good luck to Sam and whole family… I was just wondering whether you are in communicating with anyone from experimental accessability device development people at various startups and universities… We have recently write reviews of few mind-control devices, which allow operating a device (electric wheelchair) with power of thought… These are a life changing devices, but require some learning… Sam being young, he might fully take use of something like this…

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