Happy birthday Sam!

Posted by stuff4sam on March 12, 2008

Big birthday wishes to Sam tomorrow on his 4th birthday!

Hope the celebrations are going well and there are lots of tractor-themed presents!

 Blue tractor

lots of love from us all xxx


3 Responses to “Happy birthday Sam!”

  1. stuff4sam said

    Happy Happy birthday Sam. Hope you are having a lovely day.


  2. Rachel said

    Hi Sam

    Have a lovely day. I hope you enjoy all your presents.

    love Rachel

  3. Hugh said

    Happy birthday Sam!
    I hope you’re having a brilliant day and everyone is being super good.
    Tractors are of course the ultimate vehicles, i share your passion, what we don’t share (yet) is that i fell off one, but your probably not going to be that silly!
    the thing i like about tractores is the sheer uphill gripping power and roaring engine noise, arr, just thinkin about it i want to sign up to the very next tractor show.
    Talking of which, did Mum and Dad buy you a tractor for your birthday?
    Oh dear, sorry, did i start something….
    Have a lovely evening Mr S and don’t stay up tooooo late!
    Your good friend,

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