Hi from Sam in Japan!

Posted by stuff4sam on April 28, 2008

We went to Japan again in March and had a fantastic time again. Sam seemed to adjust himself into a new environment much quicker this time and enjoyed this exciting holiday so much.

Sam with all his friends around him

Sam had two lovely birthday parties while we were there and a lot of presents which made him really happy!! We visited Tomoko and Bobby family again and had a fantastic time with their three children, Thomas, Christopher, Sarah. Tomoko threw a lovely birthday party for Sam with delicious Sushi and cake, which made me smile as well!!

However in Japan all Sam wanted to see was ‘a tractor’!! It proved to be a very difficult task in a big city like Tokyo and we were desperate in the end. Luckily my dad and sister live in the suburb of Tokyo where you can still find some fileds and farmers and at last we found a tractor there!! Sam was very happy – Phew!

After two weeks’ stay, Sam started showing more interest in Japanese and now he demands Japanese songs in the car whenever we travel. We hope Sam picks up more Japanese as he grows, otherwise poor my dad will have no clue what Sam is talking about! We had lots of time together with my dad and Sam had plenty cuddles and kisses from JIJI (Grandad). It is always so nice to see my family so that he can learn his roots.

Sam in front of old house

This picture was taken in front of an old Japanese house, where Sam found a nice parking space by the fence and reversed into there. The other one was a Japanese old pub. Sam was going to buy me a cup of Japanese Sake!

Sam and Kazumi

Kazumi x

2 Responses to “Hi from Sam in Japan!”

  1. Joy Hodkinson said

    Kazumi~~~~ Vicki gave me this website, it is so lovely to see you and Sam! Wow he is so big!!!! Please email me!!! Josh is doing well, we are settled in America now and doing well. Miss you !! Love, Joy

  2. Anamika said

    Hi Kazumi,

    It is so nice to see you all in the pictures. Sam is so cute and has the most beautiful smile in this world!

    Hope you are doing well. Please keep in touch. Say hello to Neil.

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