Walk for Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on May 23, 2008

It’s summer and time for another new fundraising effort. Our good friend Julianne has recently qualified as a Blue Badge Guide and has kindly offered to lead a lunchtime walk around our local area. We’re promised unusual spaces and facts about famous residents and historical events.

At £4 per person and a maximum number of 20 places we’re anticipating a substantial rise in the Sam coffers. Four places have been booked already and we only advertised it last night! We’ll publish photos and a review of the walk after the big day – Thursday 19 June.

2 Responses to “Walk for Sam”

  1. Hugh said

    What a fantastic idea for blue badge walk! I went on one of these last year around Pentonville in London and it made me think of London in a whole new way.
    We’re in for a treat i’m off to get my ticket….

  2. stuff4sam said

    there are nine tickets left so you had best be quick! 🙂

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