Judd Street walks

Posted by stuff4sam on June 19, 2008

Walk 1

Today’s walk around our local area was enjoyed by 18 people raising a wonderful £73 for Stuff4Sam! Thankfully the weather was kind and we were only interrupted once by a small army of children trooping past!

Hi Sam from the Judd Street walkers

Julianne wowed us with facts about our local area including where the Skinners Arms gets its name, background about some of the blue / brown / grey plaques and statues and famous local residents (including the not-so-famous Anna’s brother). We found new places to eat and learnt about opportunities for getting culture at lunchtime from music, dance and art.

Walk 2

It was a busy work day so just ten people made it to the walk on Tuesday.  However, a good time was had by all. For some, the high points were finding new places to get a sandwich, others enjoyed exploring their local area for the first time.  Julianne wowed the group with facts about local residents including Kenneth Williams (and his dad’s hairdressers round the corner), Reginald Hill who caused upset by modernising the postal system meaning that people had to have holes cut into their front doors (the scandal!), and the activities of WB Yates and his new bed.  

Total thanks

Thanks once again to all who joined the walks raising a grand total of £122!

Extra special thanks go to Julianne for coming up with the idea and doing such a sterling job of bringing the history of the area to such entertaining life.

3 Responses to “Judd Street walks”

  1. Thanks Madeleine and Julianne for organising and running it! It was great and I certainly learnt a thing or two! 🙂

  2. Joan Greening said

    Really enjoyed the lunchtime walk – only disappointed that my appearance on the stage of The Place in 1983 was not mentioned – photos are available!!
    Would certainly like to do more and thought Julianne was an excellent guide.
    Thanks for organising

  3. Henny said

    Ditto Joan. Julianne was great and it was a lovely thing to do in the middle of the day. Thanks to everyone for sorting it out!

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