Message from Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on October 14, 2008

Dear everyone!

Sam at school

Sam at school

I have started school in September! I am really enjoying it!
I have some friends from my pre-school in my new class, which is very nice.
My school is so lovely and spacious and I love driving my chair with chin-control!
I am hoping to get an eye-gazing computer with your fundraising money. This computer will help me learn numbers and letters and also play a lot of games!!
Thank you very much.

Lots of love,  Sam xxx

2 Responses to “Message from Sam”

  1. Debbie said

    Hi Sam

    What a great picture of you in your lovely new school uniform! I hope that you are really enjoying it and learning lots of new things. My nephew is called George and he was five in September and he is having a lot of fun with his new school friends.

    Keep smiling.


  2. Henny said

    Hi Sam, I can’t believe how big you’ve got, wow! And you look so smart in your school uniform! I’ll be in touch soon to see if there is a date when we can pop by and say hello, it’s been tooo long.

    Love and hugs, Henny xx

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