Hi Sam from Germany

Posted by stuff4sam on December 8, 2008

Dear Sam,

fiona, sonja, tonia say hi from germany

fiona, sonja, tonia say hi from germany

The picture I have sent you is from Germany, it shows my girlfriend Fiona on the left, my sister Tonia on the right, and me, Sonja, in the middle. My sister lives in the house in the back and we stayed with her and her family. She has 3 boys, they wanted to say hello to you, too, but they were too cold to come out. As you can see it was very windy that evening and it is always a little colder in Germany than it is here in England. 

It was a really special weekend the second November weekend 2008, my fathers 60th Birthday. I went to Germany to celebrate him. He lives with my family in a little town called Huellhorst. I grew up in Huellhorst, but that is not the only interesting fact to know about this little village. Huellhorst is almost 800 years old and has a big history of farming culture. In fact, when I was little we had pigs and ducks in the back garden, sometimes even goose. My grandfather was a real farmer, he had 12 brothers and sisters. They all have families who still live in Huellhorst, so that half of the village is related to us. That makes family parties always rather big. The same happened this time, but fortunately my mother runs a pub restaurant were we could host all guests easily.

Next time when I go to see my family I will make a picture of the wonderful view from my window. 

Best wishes


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