Hi Sam from Wyoming, USA

Posted by stuff4sam on March 15, 2009

Hi Sam,


Happy belated birthday! 
This is a photo we took while we were in Teton National Park in Wyoming – a really beautiful place for hiking and wildlife. We saw moose, deer, bison and eagles – it was great. 
We hope to see you at some point in the near future and wish you all the very best.
Take care and lots of love, Dan and Ken xxxxxx

8 Responses to “Hi Sam from Wyoming, USA”

  1. F McPherson said

    So sorry to here of your death. I do wonder why your parents thought this would be the best way out for you.


    • Anlew said


      Please read this

      Neil and Kazumi had nothing to do with Sam’s death, but took their own lives four days after his death.

      • Georgina said

        Im really sorry to hear of the sad passing of Sam. and later on his parents, and it seems they loved him so much, they couldnt bear to be without him. I give my love and sympathy to his family at this tragic time and hope they find the strenght and courage to help them through. Deepest symapthy, Georgina x

    • Jeff Pagan said

      So, so sad to see wonderful people go like this. I can’t begin to imagine the pain. Still, there is so much to live for. How many other “Sams” are out there waiting for the same kind of love and care these parents had for their precious one?

  2. Martin Hall-Kenny said

    I cannot begin to express my sadness that this couple felt there was no other solution. I cannot begin to imagine how much pain they must have felt. Rest in piece Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

  3. Jaime said

    me da tanta pena todo lo que ocurrio con esta familia que se esmero tanto en poder tener felicidad para su hijo..
    espero que tengan un lindo camino al cielo y que Dios los bendiga por hacer todo lo que hicieron en vida..
    suerte en su nuevo viaje, desde Chile les envio un saludo enorme y se porque tambien soy padre que uno lo da todo por sus hijos.. y ustedes cumplieron un deber…
    saludos a la distancia..

  4. Carla Llancal said

    espero que en el mas allá encuentren la felicidad, la paz que tanto buscaron como familia, los tres van a estar juntos por siempre, y eso es gratificante, creo que un hijo nunca debe morir.

  5. lectrice de closer said

    nous sommes vraimen triste pour votre petit sam

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