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Peterborough book box

Posted by stuff4sam on March 9, 2009

Rather than shutting down our successful and fun book boxes we are keen to carry them on to raise money for other causes. After some discussion the Peterborough team have decided to share the fundraising between RNIB, Heartlink and Spinal Research. Decisions will come from Judd Street and Birmingham soon.

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Sale update 2

Posted by stuff4sam on December 18, 2008

The final total for this year’s Judd Street sale was £700.33. Not bad for a smaller event on a Tuesday. Other money has also come in from Peterborough from their book box (£155 – thanks to all there!) taking our current total to £29,864.

There are some generous PayPal donations which are waiting to be processed so we’re getting very close to the big one! Watch this space!

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Books coming out of our ears!

Posted by stuff4sam on January 16, 2008

We have now hit the magic mark of raising over £3000 from our ongoing book sales! £3082 to be exact! Wow! All those 50ps really do add up. In under two years this is a staggering total – who’d have thought it when we started the first box back in the early days etc etc.

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Books for all

Posted by stuff4sam on November 7, 2007

More money banked today – £400 from the book boxes! What an amazing total raised over just a couple of months. Thanks to all who donate and buy to keep this rolling, recycling, resource going. We couldn’t do it without you! Extra thanks to the book monitors in Peterborough, London and Birmingham who collect the money and rotate the stock.

This money takes us ever so close to £22,000. Our current total is £21,933.

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Books coming out of our ears!

Posted by stuff4sam on September 27, 2007

Another trip to the bank with heavy coins is the result of a prolific amount of book selling recently. Whether it was the recent rubbish weather inspiring weekends with a good book, a serious amount of de-cluttering or some invigorated commitment to stuff4sam, we don’t care! £176 was safely deposited in the account. We’re always amazed how the 50ps add up.

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£2000 from books

Posted by stuff4sam on June 24, 2007

Another landmark reached – over £2000 raised from 50p books. Amazing in just over a year!

It’s interesting to see what sells quickly and what doesn’t appeal. Even for 50p you’d think the book on Great Indian Battles of the 19th Century would be worth a try…. but no! A regular clear out is needed. Books are taken down to the local community centre who have a different clientel desperate for Mills and Boon and books on warships. Each to his own! It means though that stuff4sam is in turn supporting a charity by donating our unwanted books elsewhere!

Spread the love, that’s what we say.

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The books – one year on

Posted by stuff4sam on May 18, 2007

In May 2006, the first Stuff4Sam book box was started. Now, a year later we have five boxes at various offices across the country. Thanks to many donations and sales, collectively these have raised an amazing £1,750! All of which goes directly to buy equipment for Sam.

Well done to all involved. We never imagined that we could raise so much money in a simple pain-free way. Why not start your own book box – its easy!

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Birmingham stuff4sam

Posted by stuff4sam on March 27, 2007

Our Birmingham office has joined the ranks of fundraising for Sam with its new book box, all items £1! This permanent feature is now in the office located at John Bright St, all book donations welcome!

Money is also being raised by the kind donations of Sally Cain Cards and Mementos. She  donates 10% of all sales to Suff4Sam. Products include handmade cards, keepsake boxes, personalised mementos and scrapbook albums.

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Books, books, books

Posted by stuff4sam on March 23, 2007

We’ve done a bit of maths this week and worked out that the grand total made from our book boxes is £1600! Not bad considering each item is 50p!

It’s not all chick lit and science fiction you know. Some really good stuff has been donated. Afterall when you’ve read something, do you really need to keep it gathering dust? Release it to the world and let someone else enjoy it.

Our London and Peterborough boxes are going from strength to strength and now the Birmingham office have joined in too.

Why not start a book box in your office? Have a spring clean and raise some money for stuff4sam. It’s easy!

Man holding giant stack of books

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Birmingham present sale update

Posted by stuff4sam on February 19, 2007

The final total of the Birmingham sale and raffle was £150! Big thanks to all involved, especially Sally for organising it all.

Plans are also afoot to set up a book box akin to the Peterborough and London successes. If these ongoing sales are anything to go by, we’ll be hitting the £19,000 mark any day!

It’s amazing how much money you can make from donated secondhand books, CDs, videos and DVDs. The total raised from books (50p a go) is now around £1500! Not bad for nine months worth of donations.

Why not set one up in your office – it’s easy! All you need is a communal space where people wait for kettles to boil, some books to get you started and somewhere for people to leave the money. People will donate books, buy new ones and probably donate them once read. It’s an easy way to raise money for stuff4sam and recycle your unwanted things at the same time! What are you waiting for?

Let us know what you’re doing at

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