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Money for nothing (well, almost)

Posted by stuff4sam on November 16, 2006

Clearly somebody somewhere can’t resist a spot of Mill’s and Boon or perhaps it’s the waiting list for Rupert Everet’s “Red Carpet and other Banana Skin’s” that has boosted sales (ah the joys of salacious gossip), but the ongoing book sales in London and Peterborough have now hit £1000!

This is a magnificant total reached by the sale of donated books at 50p a go! Thank you everyone for donating and buying. If there are any more books out there looking for a new home then bring them in!

'Your book is the biggest load of over sentimental, gushy rubbish I've ever read. I love it!' said the Editor to the writer.

“Your book is the biggest load of over sentimental, gushy rubbish I’ve ever read. I love it!” Said the Editor to the Writer.

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Book sale – more random titles!

Posted by stuff4sam on October 6, 2006

Modern fiction and the classics are often found lurking our book sale. From Middlemarch and Jane Eyre to Memoirs of a Geisha and Stephen King’s The Green Mile, there has been a quick turnover of stock. The ones that tend to hang around are a little more random! It takes an adventurous type to sample an unusual western or a challenging sci-fi. But for 50p how can you go wrong?

Here is the blurb from the back of one random looking title: Spur – Klondike Cutie

“A boomtown full of the most ornery vermin ever to pan a river, Dawson was the perfect place for a killer to hide – until Spur McCoy arrived. Fresh from a steamboat and the steamiest women he’d ever staked a claim on, McCoy knew the chances of mining gold were very good in the Klondike, And to his delight, the prospects of golden gals were even better. With the help of the local Mounties, Spur was sure to get his man sooner or later. But when it came to getting the ladies, he would strike the mother lode quicker than a dogsled driver could yell mush!”

Any takers?!

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Sale update from Peterborough – books, cakes and scarves!

Posted by stuff4sam on September 18, 2006

Now in its fourth week, the Peterborough office book sale is a runaway success. So far an impressive £145 has been raised! Thanks to everyone who has donated and bought books so far.

Due to success of the book sale, we have other money raising plans in the pipeline:

Selection of cakes

On October 27th there will be a cake stall in the restaurant. We need donations of your cake specialities to sell. It can be a cake you have made, biscuits, cookies, or even a donation of a Mr Kipling selection if you are not a brilliant baker. Contributions of homemade preserves or other delicious delicacies would also be very welcome. Our on-site catering company are donating a fabulous cake which will be raffled. As the 27th is a Friday we are sure that the Peterborough teams won’t miss this opportunity to treat themselves for the weekend!

Finally there will be a handmade knitted scarf sale (various colours and prices) in the restaurant on November 15th. If we sell out and you still want that special gift for Christmas or even to treat yourself then don’t despair as orders can be taken. Our team of trusty knitters are standing by!

We’ll keep you posted on progress.

The Peterborough stuff4sam team

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£500 from stuff sale!

Posted by stuff4sam on September 5, 2006

Books lining up in the sunshine

The ongoing office book sales have now made an amazing £500! All this from second hand books, CDs, videos and DVDs.

Our friends in the Peterborough office made £70.50 in the first four days of their sale and have plans for it to continue. The London sale has been going since May and expanded to a box in each of the three floors’ kitchen! People have been bringing in their unwanted items (including some very random things) and leaving them in the box. Who’d have thought it would create such a buzz and such a healthy total!

Many thanks to all involved.

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Book crossing for Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on August 3, 2006

This morning on his way to work, Ian released six books with a special stuff4sam message insert. Ian has promised to donate £1 to Stuff4Sam everytime someone picks up one of his books. By the time he got to work, Brideshead Revisited had been captured! So, that’s £1 in the pot already!

If you are visiting this blog as a result of capturing one of Ian’s books – welcome! Tell us where you found the book and what you plan to do with it! 

Book Crossing is the latest craze to sweep the nation. If you spot a book lurking in the undergrowth somewhere in London – pick it up and follow the instructions.

Contact us at if you want to get involved in Book Crossing for Sam. We’ll send you special Stuff4Sam labels to help you on your way!

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Another book sale gem

Posted by stuff4sam on August 1, 2006

The latest gem in the office book sale is this modern Mills and Boon book. They’re not like they used to be! They now cover the social issues of the naughties. Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

Found: His Family (Mills and Boon – Tender Romance)

“From single mum …. to wedded bliss

A successful businesswoman and single mum, Aimee has everything in life she wants – especially her little boy Toby. But Toby is sick, and Aimee needs the one person she thought she’d never see again – Toby’s father, Jed.

When Jed left Aimee five years ago he thought he was doing the right thing. But he hadn’t realised Aimee was pregnant – or how much it would hurt when he walked away. Now Jed has found his family he’s determined to make up for lost time… He wants to prove to Aimee that he can the the father Toby needs and the husband she deserves.”

If this has awakened romantic stirrings, you can read more about the author and more from the book – Nicola Marsh! Enjoy!

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Book sale oddments!

Posted by stuff4sam on July 25, 2006

The office book sale has nearly made £250! A pretty amazing figure considering books are only 50p each.

There has been a quick turn-over of particular types of books but others have sat on the shelf for a while. Can’t think why the following haven’t sold:

  • The Execution of Private Slovik – 1950s second world war epic
  • Dog Days at the White House – the bestselling memoirs of the Presidential kennel keeper
  • The Moonbather – part of the Last of the Summer Wine series
  • The IRA – an intimate account
  • The Two – biography of the original siamese twins

 Cover of the book - The Two

If you fancy any of these titles drop us a line at and we’ll post it to you! Just make a donation on JustGiving.

Another classic book in the box was ‘Satan and the Swastika’. This was recently spotted secondhand on Amazon going for £195! Apparantly it is rare and collectable! Someone got a real bargain and a cracking good read. The back page promised the answer to a time honoured question – was Hitler was a psychic vampire? Answers on a postcard please…..

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Posted by stuff4sam on July 19, 2006

Another fundraising success! Our ongoing office book sale has now raised a staggering £180!

The sale is a real community effort with people donating their unwanted books / cds / audio books and leaving them in the book box in the shared kitchen on their floor. The boxes are ideal for browsing if looking for something to read or listen to on the sticky commute home. Each item is 50p.

Our Peterborough office are about to start a book sale. Why not start one in your office? It is a low maintenance way of raising money and a great way of recycling unwanted items. When you are ready, simply add the money via the donations button.

Your books will help us to get stuff4Sam.

 Books4Sam sale at Judd Street

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