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Hi Sam from all continents

Posted by stuff4sam on September 19, 2008

Our latest Hi Sam message completes our goal to get messages from all seven continents – thanks David and the lego team! As one of our random round-ups, here is the current list of countries (with some cheats) we have had messages from so far:

  • Afghanistan 
  • The Antarctic 
  • The Arctic
  • Argentina 
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Borneo
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • China
  • Cyprus 
  • Denmark
  • France (x5)
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Hong Kong
  • India (kind of, via the book group)
  • Italy
  • Japan (x2)
  • Jerusalem
  • Laos
  • Madeira 
  • Malta (x2)
  • Morocco
  • Newfoundland, Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Second Life (kind of a country?) 
  • Spain (x2)
  • Sweden
  • Thailand (x2)
  • Tunisia
  • USA (Boston (x2), New York (x2), Pennsylvania) 

Wow! And a full list of all the UK contributions:

  • The Big Chill festival
  • Birmingham
  • Bournemouth
  • Brighton (x3 including one from the Harley Davidsons)
  • Chaps Olympics event in Bedford Square, London
  • Cornwall (x3)
  • The Country 
  • Crosby Beach, Liverpool
  • Cumbria
  • Dunwich Beach
  • Edinburgh 
  • The Farm
  • Harley Day
  • Isle of Wight
  • Judd Street walks 
  • Kendal 
  • Kent
  • Kew Gardens, London
  • The Lake District
  • The London Eye
  • The Proms, London
  • Regent’s Park, London (Teddy Bears’ Picnic!)
  • Russell Square, London 
  • Scotland 
  • Suffolk
  • The Thames, London
  • Wales
  • Waterloo Bridge, London
  • Whaley Bridge 
  • Whitstable
  • Victoria Park, London

Please keep on sending your Hi Sam pictures and messages to We want more from more countries to make the list grow!


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Hi Sam from Brazil, Chile and Argentina

Posted by stuff4sam on September 19, 2008

Hi Sam,
Lego in Argentina

Lego in Argentina

Your dad told me that you were in LEGOLand and you really enjoyed it.  I told my friends in LEGO about you and they wanted to say hi.

Hi Sam from crowd in Brazil

Hi Sam from crowd in Brazil

So here is a “Hi Sam” from LEGO Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

Hi Sam from Chile

Hi Sam from Chile

David C

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Hi Sam from Rome

Posted by stuff4sam on September 19, 2008

Hi Sam,

Hi Sam from the Colosseum

Hi Sam from the Colosseum

This is me at the famous Colosseum in Rome, which was built about 2000 years ago!

love Rachel

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Hi Sam from Kent

Posted by stuff4sam on August 13, 2008

Hi Sam,

In our lycra beside the tandem

In our lycra beside the tandem

we hired a tandem bike for our week off in Kent and had a great time wizzing down country lanes in the sunshine. We found some lovely beaches, a massive power station (which Hugh was very excited about) and lots of tractors! We cycled about 70 miles in four days which was great but quite tiring on our bums! 

Oh, we also found this giant seagull in Folkstone with a person inside! Wierd!

Giant seagull on wheels with woman inside!

Giant seagull on wheels with woman inside!

Unfortunately we forgot to take our Hi Sam sign so we had to make one with pebbles on the beach.

Hi Sam written in pebbles on the beach

Hi Sam written in pebbles on the beach

Love, m and h x

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Hi Sam from Copenhagen

Posted by stuff4sam on August 11, 2008

Hi Sam,

Hi Sam from the rooftops of Copenhagen

Hi Sam from the rooftops of Copenhagen

I’m Carolyn, Madeleine’s mum. The is a picture of me in Copenhagen in Denmark. I’m on the roof terrace of the Carlsberg Art Gallery It’s called after a famous make of beer because the company that makes the beer paid for the gallery! The big building behind me with the clock tower is the Town Hall.

After I’d looked round the art gallery. I went to a place called the Tivoli Gardens, where two of the friends I was with went a on a really scary ride. It looks a bit like spider. There’s a very tall pole, with arms sticking out of it, and long chains hanging from the arms. At the bottom of each pair of chains is a swing seat. People sit on the swings, and then the pole twists round and round very fast, so that the seats swing out sideways. Oh, and the arms go up very high in the air, so that the people are a long way from the ground. I was glad it wasn’t me up there, because I don’t like heights. It was very exciting to watch, though!


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Hi Sam from Chiang Mai!

Posted by stuff4sam on July 29, 2008


Hi Sam from Chiang Mai!

We’re in the Land of the Smiles at the moment – that’s Thailand and here’s a picture of me  with an elephant who’s just about to touch me on the arm. There are lots of real elephants  in Thailand and you can go for rides on them but you’re very high up so I think I’m too scared to do that!


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Judd Street walks

Posted by stuff4sam on June 19, 2008

Walk 1

Today’s walk around our local area was enjoyed by 18 people raising a wonderful £73 for Stuff4Sam! Thankfully the weather was kind and we were only interrupted once by a small army of children trooping past!

Hi Sam from the Judd Street walkers

Julianne wowed us with facts about our local area including where the Skinners Arms gets its name, background about some of the blue / brown / grey plaques and statues and famous local residents (including the not-so-famous Anna’s brother). We found new places to eat and learnt about opportunities for getting culture at lunchtime from music, dance and art.

Walk 2

It was a busy work day so just ten people made it to the walk on Tuesday.  However, a good time was had by all. For some, the high points were finding new places to get a sandwich, others enjoyed exploring their local area for the first time.  Julianne wowed the group with facts about local residents including Kenneth Williams (and his dad’s hairdressers round the corner), Reginald Hill who caused upset by modernising the postal system meaning that people had to have holes cut into their front doors (the scandal!), and the activities of WB Yates and his new bed.  

Total thanks

Thanks once again to all who joined the walks raising a grand total of £122!

Extra special thanks go to Julianne for coming up with the idea and doing such a sterling job of bringing the history of the area to such entertaining life.

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Hi Sam from Sweden

Posted by stuff4sam on May 9, 2008

Hi Sam!

Nathan on a bridge in Sweden

this is me in Uppsala, Sweden. I went to help my brother with his new garden. We worked hard but then I got some cake as a reward! That’s why I’m looking so happy in the picture.


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Hi Sam from the Harley day

Posted by stuff4sam on April 24, 2008

Back in December 2006 we had a party to raise money for Sam which raised over £2000! At the party we had an auction. Our good friend Neil donated his time and petrol by auctioning a ride on his Harley motorbike.

A year and four months later (a-hem) we travelled to Tunbridge Wells so that Margaret and Jo who each bid for the Harley ride could do the deed!

Here are some photos from the day. You can also listen to a podcast (mp3) from the day featuring the giant roar of the engine!

A full write-up will be here soon.

Jo and Neil leather-ed up and ready to go!

MOD and Neil leather-ed up and ready to go

MOD and Neil ride off into the sunset


Chris and Hugh give MOD the thumbs up as she roars past!


chocolate brownie with ice cream

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Hi Sam from Cumbria

Posted by stuff4sam on April 24, 2008

Hi Sam from a rather snowy Cumbria!

Hugh with the sheep!

We thought we’d go up the the lakes for Easter. We planned to have walks through the spring flowers, enjoying the sunshine, watching the lambs jump in the fields. Nope – it was freezing! We woke up on Easter Sunday to three inches of snow! It was very beautiful though and we enjoyed spotting all the snowmen that people had built in the fields.

m and h x  

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