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Birmingham raffle

Posted by stuff4sam on February 11, 2009

RNIB’s Birmingham office was the last office to have their post Christmas raffle. Although a smallish regional office, they still managed to raise £129. This is thanks to the generosity of the staff and also to those who donated fantastic prizes from across the organisation. There were 21 prizes from Champagne and chocolates to cheeseboard with knives and mug and coaster set. Some staff were luckier than others – one person won three times!

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Peterborough sale results

Posted by stuff4sam on January 20, 2009

The unwanted presents sale in Peterborough raised £233.30! Well done to all involved. We’ll update the grand total soon once we have done all the maths.

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Unwanted presents sale

Posted by stuff4sam on January 11, 2009

On Friday 16 January the Peterborough stuff4sam contingent are having their annual unwanted presents sale. Previous sales have seen a mix of unwanted perfume, latest bestsellers, bath goodies and the occasional random item. Watch this space for the total announcement at the end of the week.

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Sale update 2

Posted by stuff4sam on December 18, 2008

The final total for this year’s Judd Street sale was £700.33. Not bad for a smaller event on a Tuesday. Other money has also come in from Peterborough from their book box (£155 – thanks to all there!) taking our current total to £29,864.

There are some generous PayPal donations which are waiting to be processed so we’re getting very close to the big one! Watch this space!

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Sale update

Posted by stuff4sam on December 4, 2008

The selling continues – Neil sold more cakes yesterday, Sharon is cracking on with the raffle and Debbie’s sales technique is working its magic. It’s looking like the grand total from the sale is likely to be closer to £700! When we’ve counted it all up, we’ll let you know the scores on the doors.

For all you stats fans out there, totals from our previous sales were:

  • 2007 – £729
  • 2006 – £840.

You can read all about the previous events by clicking on the sales4sam category in the right-hand column.

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Results of the sale

Posted by stuff4sam on December 2, 2008

A good time was had by all at the sale today. It was lovely to see so many stuff4sam supporters and friends.
The busy sale

The busy sale

We had full tables of tempting cakes, hand-made cushions, fetching jumpers, cards, books, jewellery and other stuff. Our fun stall featuring a lucky-dip, guess the number of pennies in a jar, guess the name of the doll and raffle was also a big hit partly due to great prizes but also down to Sharon’s excellent promotional skills!

Tempting cakes

Tempting cakes

The grand total on the day was £550! More is expected from further raffle ticket sales and other ongoing activities.  Watch this space for the grand total before Christmas.

As always big thanks to all who made or donated something – too many to mention here but to give some numbers we had nine cake bakers, eight prize donors, numerous crafty people and stuff donors. Thanks also to those who organised and staffed the sale (especially Debbie, Neil, Rachel, Clare and Sharon) and to those who came and spent. As a result of all your efforts we are that much closer to our big target!

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Sale 2008

Posted by stuff4sam on December 1, 2008

Tomorrow is the date of the 2008 stuff4sam sale featuring tasty cakes, jewellery, knitted flowers, cards, books, a raffle, lucky dip and guess the name of the baby.  Many things have been donated or made for the sale so it should be a great event. We’ll update with pictures and totals once its all over and we have tidied up!

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October total and a plan for the big one!

Posted by stuff4sam on October 23, 2008

Some monies came in recently from books and stuff getting our grand total to so close to £29,000 – just £41 to go! Hopefully it won’t be long before we can get our shiny totaliser out once more. Watch this space…

All this gives us an incentive to go for the big 3-0 in time for Christmas! We’re organising a Christmas sale / fun lunchtime and need your help. If you are a knitter, a craft person, a cake baker or could donate a cool prize to our raffle please get in touch – We want to hear from you – don’t be shy! Don’t forget that every penny of the money raised goes straight to Sam.

For those at Judd Street, put 2 December in your diaries. There will be cakes and fun aplenty!

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Christmas is coming

Posted by stuff4sam on October 8, 2008

Well, its the middle of October (nearly) and its time to think about organising another Stuff4Sam sale / event. We are putting our thinking caps on and will be back with some news soon. In the meantime if you are a knitter, a craft person, a cake baker or have great prizes to donate (or know someone who does), please get in touch –

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Sale4Sam 2008

Posted by stuff4sam on September 19, 2008

On Friday 19 September we held a Sale4Sam on the RNIB Peterborough site. Colleagues, relatives and friends kindly donated goods of all descriptions from soft cuddly toys to pictures to clocks! You should have seen it, four tables and looking every inch like a “car boot sale”! BUT we raised a total of £220.30.

A colleague of Bronwen’s also very kindly donated a collection of brand new Beanies, which we sold along with the ongoing book sale in the restaurant. With the proceeds of these two sales plus book sales, we have this week banked a further £300.  Big thanks to all who donated, attended and bought!

We anticipate holding our next sale of unwanted gifts towards the end of January/early February.

The “Sam” team at Peterborough
(Zelie and Pam (sadly missing Bronwen who moved to a new job)) 

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