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We’re collecting photos and messages for Sam sent from around the world. Send us a Hi Sam message and we’ll add it to the blog. You can do this by downloading and printing a “Hi Sam” poster (PDF) (or make your own) and sending your picture and a message to us at Easy!

So far we have messages from as far away as the Arctic, New Zealand and Newfoundland in Canada! Can you be more glamourous or creative?


Thinking of doing an active event? Why not get sponsored for stuff4sam? So far we have had lots of sponsored events including dog-sledding in the Arctic, a 120 mile bike ride, a 5k run and a one mile walk done by our youngest supporter, Arlo.

  • Four men in a boat rowed from Gloucestershire to Putney and raised over £4000 – Row4Sam posts.
  • In July 2006 Hugh did a 120-mile bike ride from London to Suffolk and raised £1000 – Cycle4Sam posts.
  • Debbie and Jane did the women’s 5k Hydro in September – Run4Sam posts.


Our on-going office book sale is raising lots of money. Why not have your own sale or come up with your own way of making money from books. Join in with our book ideas – Books4Sam posts.

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33 Responses to “Get involved”

  1. St Francis Ward said

    Hi Sam. Kirsten told us about your website and we love it!!! Hope you are all well and had a good time in Japan.
    We are working on our “Hi Sam” picture!
    See you in orthotics soon. Lots of love from everyone on St Francis. xxxx

    • Rick from NYC said

      My heart goes out to you, Sam, and you’re loving parents. You are all still together wherever you may be. The three of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Faith and Anna said

    Hi Sam
    I hope you are having fun.I lived near you when you lived in Bratton and I loved hearing about your adventures in Japan on your website.Are you enjoying nursery?I am in year 1 now.
    Love from Anna xxx

  3. Bronwen Stanway said

    Sam – happy Birthday for Friday! I used to work at RNIB but now work in another place, but we send books and things to the RNIB book stall in Peterborough and we like to know what you are up to. You are always so busy. I hope you have a great day on Friday with lots of presents and that you have lots of fun.
    Love from Bronwen xx

  4. Anonymous said

    r.i.p Little man x x x

  5. Jason Collins said

    Rest in Peace

  6. Fiona said

    sleep well – xxxxx

  7. S, Leeds said

    Such a shocking and heart-breaking story – I have a son myself and cannot begin to imagine the pain of almost losing him once and struggling back to support him be the beautiful, smiling little boy these pictures show, only to lose him anyway. What parent could bear such cruelty? Rest in peace all 3 of you – a loving family to the end. My thoughts are with the friends and relatives left behind, who gave so much love and support – I hope your memories can comfort you in the weeks and months to come. xx

  8. Stuart said

    I never knew you all, but i am so sad and sorry to hear of this devastating news. r.i.p

  9. L Ward said

    What a beautiful boy and a very sad loss for all who knew him. As a parent myself I understand the utter heartache these poor loving parents must have felt.

    I hope you are now all resting peacefully together in heaven.

    My sincere condolences to all the friends and family who have been left behind.

    God Bless xxx

  10. Sudath said

    Dear Sam, Sleep well my boy!!with ur mom & dad.

  11. Zoe said

    Oh Sam.. Grief beyond words.. Love beyond words!

  12. William said

    I’m very saddened by this whole story. Rest in peace.

  13. Paul said

    God bless.

  14. ann said

    So very sorry.

    Rest in Peace all, such a beautiful and devoted family.God bless

  15. Coco said

    Let us hope you will now live the lives you really wanted to live and enjoy the pleasures so many of us take for granted.

    Beautiful people with so much sadness in their short lives.


  16. H Blackwell said

    Rest in peace X x X x X

    See you on the other side.

  17. Jasna said

    Que pena.. estas en compañia de tus papis…. no solito

  18. SF said

    Hi Sam, your smile is so lovely that we can see how much love you been shared with your dad and mom..


  19. christine said

    RIP. Sam and his parents, So very sad…

  20. Monique said

    I am profoundly saddened and deeply movied by this tragic story. Rest in peace little angle. In heaven, you will be happily reunited with your loving parents.

  21. lyndsay, leeds said

    Rest in peace dear souls.

    Am sure you will be very dearly missed by your friends and family, very much so indeed.

  22. Alvaro said

    Que amor mas hermoso, nunca olvidare la entrega de amor hasta el final de estos incriebles padres, paz y felicidad a sus almas.

  23. Amanda said

    Rest in peace little one,with ya mommy and daddy who can keep protecting u on that specail cloud…xxx

  24. Anonymous said

    How can life be so cruel to one poor family who have done nothing but love and devote themselves to their gorgeous little boy? Why is life so incredibly unfair sometimes i will never know – when nasty horrid people who abuse and batter their children seem not to suffer yet decent hardworking lovely people seem to get nothing but grief? As a mother of two i can only begin to think how i would cope with the tragedies they have suffered in Sam’s short life – I sincerely hope they find love and peace together in heaven – god bless you all xxxx

  25. Richard said

    Sam, Neil and Kazumi

    I never knew you, but your story has touched me beyond belief.

    I hope you are all together now in a safe and beautiful place.

    Love and peace


  26. Hibbs Family said

    To the family and friends of Sam, Neil and Kazumi

    We have a young daughter, Sophie, who was born with brain damage and have been working as hard as we can to stimulate her in similar ways as Sam , as we are determined to help her reach her potential. After reading for the first time about Sam and his parents, it has really touched us, and has made us more determined than ever to continue strongly with all that we are doing, so much so that we are now going to try to organise a sponsored event to help raise funds to help our daughter Sophie.

    Our thoughts are with you and rest in peace Sam, Neil and Kazumi

    • Debbie said

      Good luck with your fundraising efforts for Sophie – I promise you that your friends, work colleagues and family will gladly support your efforts. There are lots of ideas on this website of what we did that you can adapt.

      In these difficult times, it seems that people are looking closer to home to make a difference to individual lives – to real people who live in their street.

      There are so many children who need the sort of help that Sam was given and there are so many parents like Neil and Kazumi who need our love and support. My heart goes out to you too.

  27. Ingried said

    Qué tremenda historia de amor, espero ya están descansando en paz, los 3 por siempre unidos.

  28. Monica Riquelme said

    Esto demuestra realmente el amor de una familia desde chile envio mis condolencia.



  29. steve said

    RIP what a tragic story, God will be there for you all x


    Esta noticia nos ha conmovido mucho, solo le pedimos a dios que los tenga en su reino, y que sean felices unidos alla.

    Familia Urrea Manriquez de Chile

  31. Jake & Mel said

    Hugs and Kisses.

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