What’s “Hi Sam”

So what’s this “Hi Sam!” stuff all about? Well, we’re collecting photos and messages for Sam sent from around the world to add to the Hi Sam messages page. Send us your message by downloading and printing a “Hi Sam” poster (PDF – new window) (or make your own) and sending your picture and a message to us at

So far we have messages from six continents. We’re just missing South America – so if you’re going, please send Sam a message!


Here’s a few of our favourites….

Hi Sam from Koh Samet!Hi Sam in front of iceburgs, Antarcticachairlift above the sea, Isle of Wight

$250,000 Hi Sam From AfghanistanHi Sam written in the sand by Jim and ArloHi Sam from Tokyo!

Hi Sam from Henny and her Mutley Crew in the Arctic Neil and Sam with the four men (but no boat)Hi Sam from from Hugh and Jame's epic overnight bike ride to Dunwich Beach from London

HI Sam from Hong Kong, at the top of a very tall building!Wrapped up warm on a glacier, New ZealandHi Sam from Pam, Bronwen and Jennie in front of old stone church

Hi Sam - Madeleine and Clare with iron man in betweenParty shoes say Hi SamHi Sam from Henny next to giant plastic cow

Hi Sam at night in a restaurant, BorneoHi Sam from Debbie standing in front of the Terracotta Warriors in ChinaStephen sliding down a cliff, Newfoundland!

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    • Dora said

      Esta noticia me ha impactado mucho, admiro la dedicación de estos padres por su pequeño, pero quitarse la vida no es una buena idea aunque realmente el dolor de perder un hijo debe ser muy fuerte, sólo deseo que ahora estén en paz.

  2. Nick Comley said

    brave brave brave – completely understand, touched.

  3. Mack Allan said

    God bless you Sam and your loving parents. You will all find peace now in a better place. x

  4. Mrs B said

    So so sorry …. God bless you all in heaven, Mummy, Daddy & little Sam…… xxx

  5. Tabitha P said

    My heart breaks for you all – you were so very brave.
    I hope you are all at peace together now XX

  6. Eleanor said

    Keep Hi Sam going!
    As a reminder of such a brave little boy, and his mother and father.

  7. ELEANOR said

    I was so shocked to hear of this most terrible news. Sam was very much loved by so many people across the world, most importantly his mummy and daddy who simply adored him and always wanted to be with him. In his short time on this earth Sam radiated love and fun – thank you Sam. They are all in each others arms now, free from pain and heartache.

  8. Jan said

    Oh, such a shocking and sad story!
    I hope there is a place where they could all RIP!
    I never met any of you and I didn’t know you, however… you made me think I should do something for people in your situation and I can’t just wait for them to come…
    I believe there are more who are touched by your tragic decision so it would have “positive consequences” too…

    so sorry….

  9. Carlos Eduardo said


  10. George said

    I cried and cried,I could not believe such tragical story,
    such nice kid,such wonderful couple and parents.
    I never knew them but they will stay in my memory
    as long as I love, as the most bright example
    of what a person,a couple,and a family is supposed to be.
    Neil , Kazumi , Sam , may God unite you in Heaven.
    Rest in peace

  11. Trudie said

    Wherever you are, I hope you are happy and together. Rest in peace Sam, Neil and Kazumi. x

  12. Angie said

    First time knowing about sam today, too late, crying right now. SO SORRY , SO SAD !

  13. Helen said

    A wonderful, brave family, together for eternity in a better place, free from pain. May you all Rest in Peace.
    From a Mum who understands the hurt of losing a child

    • Lisa Woollard said


      It is so humbling to read personal messages of condolences from parents who know too well of what Kazumi and Neil were feeling. I am a feature writer for the women’s magazine Closer and I wonder if you may contact me for a piece I am writing about parents losing their children. If you felt compelled to leave a message perhaps you would want to chat? If you want to get in touch please e-mail on or call 0207 859 8449.



  14. Ingrid said

    How very sad. May Sam and his Mummy and Daddy rest in peace. x x x

  15. Ms B said

    Rest in peace loving family x

  16. ivan said

    I can understand the desperation of losing your loved one. He was a very happy child and a true inspiration for all. Good-bye.

  17. Laird Burton said

    Sam, thank you for your smile and your bravery. You were a beautiful and bright light when you were here. May you find true peace and rest with your loving parents.

  18. learna said

    hi sam, i still want to do one of these, even though i know your not here. keep the memory going

  19. marlyn said

    may they all find the glory of heavens and may Sam rest in peace in company of his loving and caring nurturing parents… no words to describe this tragic decision

  20. Vicky said

    He leido la noticia de la tragica muerte de los padres de Sam despues que él falleciera. Que triste, que pena me ha dado. Oraré al señor porque los 3 esten descansado en paz y felices. Desde Chile un abrazo a sus familiares y amigos

  21. Sarah said

    Hope u r all in together in a wonderful place at peace and united xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Mara said

    No words. I will pray for their souls. So sad! I hope they are happy now in a betetr place, together!

  23. Pom said

    I did not know you Sam or your Mummy and Daddy but I will never forget your life story. Your Mummy and Daddy really loved you, if only all the children in this world were loved so much.

  24. Nok said

    This is the first time that I have known about you & your family. So touching and sad but completely understand what’s going on there. I know you & your brave parents are not there anymore but I still want to leave a message for you. May God bless you all in the heaven. RIP.

  25. Vivian said

    Tengo el corazon partido por tan triste noticia… Dios tenga en su gloria a Sam y a sus amorosos padres… No imaginamos la vida con hijos pero mucho menos la vivimos sin ellos… Desde Puerto Rico, les envio mis oraciones…

  26. Justin said

    This may not be a popular statement but I think it’s important to be open and honest when something moves you as much as this story has moved me, or torn me between two ways of thought…

    While I am not a religious man, I disagree with suicide – in my mind there is always be a reason to keep on. What would Sam have wanted? How is his memory and legacy served by this?

    Having said that, I have two little girls and can (I think) appreciate the dark despair and utter grief that would overwhelm a parent upon the death of a young child. The mere thought of burying either of my children is something I cannot bear.

    For me the tragedy (as with any suicide) is that the path was so dark that there seemed no way out. The tragic story of the Puttick family and the nightmare that they couldn’t find an escape from will live with me for a long time. I grieve for the three of them.

    I’ll give my girls an extra tight squeeze when I get home tonight.

    So from Justin, Linda, Chelsea and Kristen in Australia – RIP the Puttick family.

    • Mikelsdad said

      logic says you are right Justin. Unfortunately this is not a logical situation and while I do not believe in suicide either, I can’t begin to imagine the despair Kazumi and Neil felt. Just the sheer exhaustion from their efforts would’ve been enough to drive us all to despair.

      Like you, I will be giving my son a longer hug


    • Alison said

      Justin, try living with a severely disabled child – coping with all the grief, dealing with the unbelievably hard work involved and enduring the constant worry we parents face – and maybe then you’ll have the necessary wisdom, experience and compassion to allow you to question Neil’s and Kazumi’s decision.

  27. Christine said

    I will pray for you tonight. RIP

  28. Kim said

    Neil and Kazumi….bless you for being the wonderful parents you will always be to your darling Sam. Knowing you are all together once more in love.

  29. Ashley said

    I’m deeply saddened with the news. Little boy with courage and loving parents. RIP.

  30. Alice said

    after I read your tragic story, just want to send my sympathy on you all. may your loving family rest in peace.

  31. Hena said

    May u all rest in peace, god bless x

  32. mr c milne said

    r i p pal

  33. Adriana said

    Solo deseo que esten unidos y felices en donde sea que esten!! su legado es hacernos ver que no hay mas nada importante que la familia… que Dios los tenga en su gloria.
    Adios pequeño SAM…

  34. Jill said

    I am so deeply moved by all that you have been through, you should know that everyone knows you made the right decision deep down, it was not really suicide, more like you were going with Sam to continue helping and being with him. I hope you all realise how much people feel for you and I for one am truly happy you are all at peace now xxxx

  35. Aya said

    I am so shocked by this sad news but I think I understand what you did and why you did it.
    I am a Japanese wife to an English man, like you Kazumi-san. One of my boys is also called Sam.
    The news headline says “Life without Sam meant nothing to his parents” but it is so untrue.
    I think that it was not the devastation that made you jump but a determination to care for Sam in the afterlife made you go with him, so that you can continue caring for him and loving him.

    You took Sam’s toys with you so that Sam can continue playing with his favourite toys surrounded by his wonderful loving parents.

    • Ali said

      I agree completely, Aya. When I heard about the toys, I thought the same thing. I hope they got their wish.

  36. LuisGabriel said

    Sorry but I have to whrite in my onw lenguaje…

    Nadie mas que yo lamenta esta profunda tragedia,no pude evitar derramar unas lagrimas por ellos,me remonte al tiempo cuando perdi a mi esposa e hijo cuando ella trato de dar a luz y no pudo falleciendo ambos a causa de un error humano o mala praxis…Pienso que en honor a su hijo debieron continuar su lucha para ayudar a otros ninos con el mismo problema,pero respeto su decision y entiendo el dolor que llevaban en el alma,que Dios los tenga en la gloria y los cobije con el manto de la misericordia…Paz a sus restos

  37. Simon said


    I never knew about Sam and his family until the recent sad news.

    My family would like to say that our thoughts are with them, and their family.

    I hope they all find piece and are re-united somewhere where they can play and love together.


  38. jmacevedo said

    desde españa mando un pesame muy fuerte a todos sus familiares y amigos, ya que eh visto la noticia y la verdad me a conmovido.

    No se lo que se puede sentir al perder un hijo pero esos padres han dado todo por el y espero que ahora esten donde esten sigan cuidando de su hijo.

    Un abrazo muy fuerte para todos los familiares y amigos de esta gran familia que tristemente han dejado de estar a nuestro lado pero no en el corazon.

  39. Selina said

    To hear of anyone suffer is tragic, but when i heard of the multiple suicide i was shocked. I now completely understand why you took your own lives. Having looked after such a beautiful little boy and devoted alot of time and effort to raising awarness for the named charities i cannot even begin to understand the pain of your loss when he passed away from meningitis. I would feel the same and not even start to understand what the future held after loosing your love and joy so tragically.

    May you all rest in peace in heaven. God bless all of you.


  40. Melanie said

    Dearest Sam and your mummy and daddy.

    Your story has touched my heart. What a brave little boy you have been, so much to deal with and yet it seems you touched the hearts of everyone you met. Your Mummy and Daddy clearly loved you so much. I truely hope you are all together enjoying a cuddle forever.

    My thoughts extend to your extended family and friends too. Bless you all.

  41. Georgia said

    I was truely touched by the story of Sam and his loving parents, may you all rest in peace.

  42. Esther said

    I heard about Sam and his parents on the radio and then looked at this site- it is full of happy smiling photos of Sam and of his devoted mum and dad.

    Sam’s parents are truly inspirational in the way that they fought to get the happiest life for Sam possible and it is clear that this was achieved for Sam.

    It must be heartbreaking for those left behind who were close to Sam and his mum and dad- I hope that they focus on the smiling faces and devotion and seek comfort from this.

  43. Lawrence said

    Sam, Neil and Kazumi

    I am so sad to hear about what happened.
    All my thoughts goes to you, the bravest
    and most caring parents in the world.
    Hope you are all in a better place
    together in peace ❤ x

  44. Tiago said

    I have never been so touched.

    Kazumi and Neil were the best parents ever and Sam seems to have been the happiest child in the world.

    I leave you my most deep and felt sympathies.

    Kazumi and Neil’s last “walk” was an act of great love. Nothing more.

    Someday, we will be watching in a Theatre a movie about all of you and it will be one of the most beautiful movies ever.

    A big bless you from Portugal

  45. Chan said

    Where is justice for good people in this world? At the end, life turns into dust and love is gone forever. The person who caused Sam’s accident, did he or she not reflect his/her one moment of error? One mistake cost the lives of a beautiful family. I am not a religious man, but please have the grace of God in your heart whenever you deal with life!!!

  46. amanda said

    Que deus continua confortando toda a familia.
    my god confort all the family

  47. Jo said

    I always say there is no love like the love you feel for your child. None of us can possibly know how Sam’s Mummy and Daddy felt once their beautiful little boy passed away.

    The only thing I can imagine they were thinking is that they were inseparable in life, and they wanted to be inseparable in death.

    Rest in peace. xxx

  48. Ting Ting said

    I just cant hold my tear. my heart stopped beating. I undertand how they fell, no parents can take that pain.

  49. Keyson said

    To Sam, Neil and Kazumi

    My heartfelt best wishes as you are all now reunited and with the Angels in Paradise.

    Letter From Heaven

    When tomorrow starts without me,
    and I’m not there to see;
    If the sun should rise and find your eyes,
    all filled with tears for me;
    I wish so much you wouldn’t cry,
    the way you did today,
    while thinking of the many things,
    we didn’t get to say.

    I know how much you love me,
    as much as I love you,
    and each time that you think of me,
    I know you’ll miss me too;
    But when tomorrow starts without me,
    please try to understand,
    that an Angel came and called my name,
    and took me by the hand,
    and said my place was ready,
    in heaven far above,
    and that I’d have to leave behind,
    all those I dearly love.

    But as I turned to walk away,
    a tear fell from my eye,
    for all life, I’d always thought,
    I didn’t want to die.
    I had so much to live for,
    so much yet to do,
    it seemed almost impossible,
    that I was leaving you.

    I thought of all the yesterdays,
    the good ones and the bad,
    I thought of all the love we shared,
    and all the fun we had.
    If I could relive yesterday,
    just even for awhile,
    I’d say goodbye and kiss you
    and maybe see you smile.

    But then I fully realized,
    that this could never be,
    for emptiness and memories,
    would take the place of me.
    And when I thought of worldly things,
    I might miss come tomorrow,
    I thought of you, and when I did,
    my heart was filled with sorrow.

    But when I walked through heaven’s gates,
    I felt so much at home.
    When God looked down and smiled at me,
    from His great golden throne,

    He said, “This is eternity,
    and all I’ve promised you”.
    Today for life on earth is past,
    but here it starts anew.
    I promise no tomorrow,
    but today will always last,
    and since each day’s the same day,
    there’s no longing for the past.

    But you have been so faithful,
    so trusting and so true.
    Though there were times you did some things,
    you knew you shouldn’t do.
    But you have been forgiven
    and now at last you’re free.
    So won’t you take my hand
    and share my life with me?

    So when tomorrow starts without me,
    don’t think we’re far apart,
    for every time you think of me,
    I’m right here, in your heart.


  50. Ann said

    so deeply touched, by the photos of sam, always beaming, and the sadness of the whole story. my thoughts are with family and friends.

  51. Debra said

    Sooo Sad by recent tragic events, may you all rest in pewace and be together in the after life

  52. Debra said

    My heart goes out to all those affected at this difficult time.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  53. Preeya said

    Never in my life have i read such a sad story. I and many others are deeply saddened. Sam and his admirable parents are those who will never been forgotten-for their bravery and their undying love for one another. I hope they are at peace together and are in a better place. They will be in my thoughts. x

  54. Amelia said

    God Bless you sam, Neil and Kazumi such wonderful wonderful people i feel so privaliged to have known you all.

    I hope you are all at peace together now free from the heartache and pain you have all suffered


  55. valon said

    Was für eine Tragödie :(.

    rest in peace

  56. Shetal said

    I feel so much sadness for this family, I read the article and wept for them all.I know how special Sam would have been to his parents, and how he would have been the center of their world. To be taken so soon from them was just too much for them to bear. I understand this having lost my precious little girl after such a struggle to have her, to a needless tragic incident. The knowledge that the pain and grief will stay with you forever is awful. My heart goes out to their friends and family and I hope there is a special place where Sam, Neil and Kazumi are at peace together as a family once again. xxxx

  57. IRENE LOPEZ said

    Sam que afortunado fuiste y lo seras siempre creo que nadie pudo tener mejores padres que los tuyos…
    Gloria a Dios y a todos sus angeles en el cielo

  58. Emma said

    Just wanted to say how shockingly upsetting this case is. For such a gorgeous little boy to go through everything with the accident in 2005 and still be able to smile as he did with that heart melting smile to only be struck down with meningitis and not make it. The desperation that his Mummy and Daddy must have felt is uncomprehendable.

    I lost my own daughter in 1997 at 41 weeks pregnant and we never found out why she died and that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, but to lose a child at Sam’s age I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and utter devestation Neil and Kazumi must have felt.

    All I can say is that from now on, there will be 3 brightly shining stars over Beachy Head and having been born in Eastbourne myself, I will always think of the Puttick family whenever I think of Beachy Head now, even though I didnt know them.

    I hope their families can try and take comfort in knowing that they are all together, forever more.

    God bless and sweet dreams to Sam, Neil and Kazumi… Sleep tight xxx

  59. emine said

    God bless you. Allah rahmet eylesin.

  60. ANA said


  61. carmen said

    yo tengo hijos y no pudo imaginar que haria sin alguno de ellos, por eso no censuro la desicion de los padres de sam, solo pido de corazon que esten juntos los tres. cuando pasan estas tragedias pienso porque malos padres tienen hijos y los maltratan y padres exelentes como los de sam, pasan por este sufrimiento?????? Dios, por favor ayuda a que cada dia haya menos padres maltratantes y mas padres amorosos. deseo desde lo mas profundo de mi alma, que exista esa otra vida en el mas alla y que sam y sus padres esten juntos. Descansen en paz. Amen.

  62. DebbieC said

    This story saddens me so deeply… And my deepest sympathies go to the remaining members of this amazing, selfless family.

    This little mans photo’s bring tears to my eyes… His always smiling, and it really makes me feel like i could do more to keep the smile on the faces of my loved ones…

    My u all rest in peace, and find solitude in ur family reuniting in heaven

    Kindest regards

    South Africa

  63. Natascha said

    I hope the three of you are floating on a beautiful cloud, happy and safe together, having found your peace. You seem like a beautiful family, beloved by your friends who no doubt miss you with all their hearts. Wherever you are, I wish you love, light and happiness. xx

  64. Debbie said

    Wherever you are i wish all three of you love and happiness always. you have touched the hearts of so many people. 3 new stars shining brightly in the sky. I didnt know any of you but i will remember you always! RIP xxxx

  65. Lisa said

    To Sam, Kazumi and Neil,

    Although I never had the honor to know you, your lives have made a deep impression on me. The connection you three felt (and still feel?) is unmeasurable. May your connection endure into infinity.

  66. Beckie said

    To Neil, Kazumi and of course Sam!

    Your story has touched me so deeply, I hope you have all found peace now, and that Sam is no longer confined to his chair…a free spirit once again 🙂

    My thoughts are with your friends and family at this difficult time, I know how hard the death of a child hits families, it’s just such a tragic waste of three amazing lives.

    R.i.p you wonderful people xxx

  67. Alicia said

    Sentí que el corazón se me apretaba cuando leí esta noticia, no podría soportar el perder a un hijo. Pido a Dios los comprenda y los reciba el el paraiso pues lo que hicieron lo hicieron solo por amor a Sam.
    Cariños y fuerza a la familia…

  68. Gonzalo Guerrero said

    Desde chile lamento profundamente lo ocurrido con SAM y sus PADRES, es un hecho muy trágico, pero nos demuestra todo el amor que nosotros los padres sentimos por nuestros hijos y todo lo que podemos llagar hacer.
    Una decisión así, es muy difícil de juzgar y solo queda el consuelo para los familiares y el apoyo de toda la gente.

    Solo Dios sabe por que pasan estas cosas y estor completamente seguro que en estos momentos deben estar juntos, jelices y contentos disfrutando a SAM

  69. paulina said

    Pequeño Sam, Kazumi y Neil….que gran prueba de amor han demostrado a un mundo tan egoísta como el nuestro…ahora son felices porque están todos juntos…y esa paz que no encontraron en la tierra, sé que la encontraran en la eternidad…Dios los bendiga y que su gran gesto de amor sea siempre recordado en nuestras vidas.

    Con cariño,

    Paulina y sus hijos Javiera y Diego

  70. Carlos said

    No me podía quedar sin expresar mi admiración por el increible amor demostrado por esta bellla familia, no se lo que sentiría perder a mi hija y doy gracias a Dios porque ella ademas este sanita, por eso comprendo el incondicional amor de ellos al hermoso Sam, mi más sincero sentir a sus familiares y amigos.
    Mi oración esta junto a ustedes y se que Dios tiene ya a tres nuevos Angelitos en su reino.
    No puedo describir la pena que me invade en esta noticia a pesar de ser tan distante, pero me llena de alegría saber que en algún lugar estan juntitos compartiendo ese amor eterno que nos han demostrado a todos en el mundo.
    Mi fuerza y mi cariño a ustedes.

    Santiago, Chile

  71. Claudia said

    Mis Bendiciones para Uds.

    Que Dios los tenga en su Reino
    Y que ese Amor Eterno los tenga unidos mas que nunca.
    Reciban mi Admiracion como Familia

    Chile, Iquique

  72. Dora said

    Esta noticia me ha impactado mucho, admiro la dedicación de estos padres por su pequeño, pero quitarse la vida no es una buena idea, aunque realmente el dolor de perder un hijo debe ser muy fuerte, sólo deseo que ahora estén en paz.

  73. Thilo said

    Für Sam, Kazumi und Neil,
    Meine Gedanken sind bei Euch! Ich hoffe, ihr drei seid nun wieder zusammen in einer besseren Welt. Mein Herz ist erfüllt von tiefster Traurigkeit, denn auch ich bin Vater und kann Eure Gefühle nachvollziehen! Ich werde eine Kerze für euch entzünden, und euer Andenken erhalten.
    aus Deutschland

  74. Anonymous said

    My heart goes out to you and your mummy and daddy, you will all be missed by many. May this family rest in peace, you will never be forgotten !! My Thoughts are with you all.

  75. Claribel said

    Estaba preparandome para ir al trabajo cuando escuche esta tragica noticia. No los conocia y aun asi, comenze a llorar incontrolablemente, he visitado la pagina de Sam, veo cuanto amor existia en esta familia. No los puedo reprobar, su dolor era demasiado grande, nadie esta preparado para ver morir un hijo, no es natural. Kazumi y Neil su amor era increible e incondicional, fueron excelentes padres. No dejaron solo a Sam, nunca. Ahora estan en paz, ya no hay dolor ni sufrimiento, ni para ustedes ni para Sam. Me conmueve este amor tan entregado, tan completo, tan dificil de encontrar hoy. Siempre recordare este suceso, y lo usare de ejemplo mientras viva. Amemos a nuestra familia, digamosle a nuestros hijos cuanto los amamos, abrazemoslos mientras los tenemos, manana puede ser tarde.
    Mis mayores respetos a su familia en su dolor.
    Claribel desde Puerto Rico.

  76. aly said

    Sin Duda Que Ningun Padre y madre Esta Preparado Para Tener Que Enterrar A Un Hijo….
    El amor de estos padres es la muestra. Q.E.P.D.

  77. Ming said

    Hi Sam and Neil, Kazumi.
    我决定在用中文给你们留言, 希望你们可以看到。 你们的故事让我热泪盈眶。 虽然我还不是一个妈妈, 但是我可以想象sam的去世给neil 和Kazumi多能带来的悲恸。 我想, 如果我是sam的妈妈, 我可能也会做出一样的举动。 Sam,我看了你的照片, 你是我见过的最最可爱的小人儿了。 真希望我以前认识你们啊。

    不论如何, 希望你们在天堂做个好梦。


  78. Rehveathy Muthiah said

    I will pray for you tonight.May God bless you all in the heaven – Sam, Kazumi n Neil

  79. Regi said

    Hi Sam! (wherever you are)
    i´m incredibly sad hearing the news… your beautiful and captivating smile won´t be forgotten! Rest in peace with mummy and daddy who couldn´t live without their beloved son. My prayers from now on will be with you and your loving parents. may God bless you and your family.

  80. Joy said

    To Sam, Neil and Kazumi,

    Sam, you endured so much in your short life.

    Neil and Kazumi, I didn’t know you, but you seemed so devoted to Sam, I am so sorry and upset for you all. My prayers are with you.

    May Peace and Love be yours for eternity. x

  81. Mary said

    I read the story that was published in Australian papers today.
    Sincere sympathy to their families.
    May the story of the love of a family touch families around the world.
    They are with the Lord

  82. Edwina said

    Rest in peace Sam, Neil and Kazumi, may your love for each other reunite you all on the other side. God needed a new beautiful angel so he took you Sam, he then took your parents to care for you as they were so devoted to you, what better people for the job. To your family left behind I send my love to them and hope for the future. God Bless x x





  84. VenomessA said

    RIP all 3 of you.

    they are happy together, somewhere better.


  85. Mairnda said

    “And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” – Kahlil Gibran
    This family knew and demonstrated the greatest love. They are now wrapped together in the eternal love of God.

  86. Paul said

    Only found out about Sam and his parents today, just now read the tragic news. Rest in eternal peace.
    Sam, your parents loved you so much and reading about their absolute dedication brought tears to my eyes. God bless you and your parents.

  87. Anonymous said

    Together forever, RIP xxx

  88. Nick Alldridge said

    Sonnet #6
    A Coincidence of Time and Space

    The sky was a brilliant blue,
    The grass a true lush green,
    Bold white cliffs, a perfect day.
    Walking out on Beachy Head,
    The two of us together,
    A long climb out of the town,
    Up from the busy pier.
    I read of another couple,
    On Beachy Head that day,
    With their dead son in a rucksack,
    And his toys in another,
    Unutterable love in their hearts,
    And the sky and the grass meant nothing,
    And the cliffs were a means to an end.

    Nick Alldridge 2009

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