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Hi Sam from Whaley Bridge

Posted by stuff4sam on June 28, 2007

Hi Sam!

 Hi Sam from Hugh standing next to a man on stilts dressed as a man riding an ostrich!

This weekend we went to see Hugh’s parents in the Peak District. Our visit was at the same time as the exciting Whaley Bridge Festival! We saw displays by the police, fire brigade, RNLI (even though there is no sea close by) and Morris Dancers. There was also a fair. We spotted this man dressed as a man riding an ostrich. When we asked if we could take a picture with him, he said that his name was Sam!

Love, m and h x

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Hi Sam from Wales

Posted by stuff4sam on June 27, 2007

Hi Sam!

 Hi Sam written in the sand by Jim and Arlo

This is us on our hols in Pembrokeshire in Wales. We had lots of fun playing on the beach every day (sometimes in our waterproof coats!)

Love from Louise, Jim and Arlo xxx

Jim, Arlo and Louise

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£2000 from books

Posted by stuff4sam on June 24, 2007

Another landmark reached – over £2000 raised from 50p books. Amazing in just over a year!

It’s interesting to see what sells quickly and what doesn’t appeal. Even for 50p you’d think the book on Great Indian Battles of the 19th Century would be worth a try…. but no! A regular clear out is needed. Books are taken down to the local community centre who have a different clientel desperate for Mills and Boon and books on warships. Each to his own! It means though that stuff4sam is in turn supporting a charity by donating our unwanted books elsewhere!

Spread the love, that’s what we say.

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Stuff4Sam’s first birthday!

Posted by stuff4sam on June 22, 2007

One year today we launched the Stuff4Sam blog!

 screenshot of stuff4sam homepage

We started the site up to follow the progress of various sponsored events being done to raise money for Sam. Since then it has grown into a place to share news and events with Sam’s community. Some posts have been serious, some silly, some have encouraged you to join in either with Hi Sam messages or to start your own money-raising feat.

Traffic has increased over the year and we now get visitors from all over the world. Welcome, one and all!

Leave your comments and join Sam’s community by doing something to get involved.

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Hi Sam from Borneo

Posted by stuff4sam on June 21, 2007

Hi Sam!

 Hi Sam at night in a restaurant

This is me in a restaurant in Borneo where we had delicious food. I’d just finished trekking in the jungle which was great fun, even though there were lots of horrible leeches!


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Hi Sam from Hong Kong!

Posted by stuff4sam on June 21, 2007

Hi Sam,

 HI Sam from Hong Kong, at the top of a very tall building!

We’ve just been to Hong Kong. This picture was taken at the top of the Peak so it makes all the REALLY tall buildings look tiny. Hong Kong was quite hot and stuffy so we liked being inside with the air conditioning. We ate lots of noodles and sushi which we really loved.

In July we will be going to South Africa so we’ll try and send you a picture from there too.

Rach and Dan

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Hi Sam competition

Posted by stuff4sam on June 21, 2007

The Hi Sam pictures have been flooding in since we started the site in June 06. We’ve had messages from near and far and its time to up the stakes!

Our new Hi Sam competition has five categories. Send us a Hi Sam picture from wherever you are over the summer and we’ll enter you into the competition. The categories are as follows:

  • Most unusual location (think exotic, bizarre, strange, distant, restricted access …)
  • Most dangerous location (think bungee jumping, war zone, safari park ….)
  • Best city location
  • Best country location
  • Most creative sign – make your own!

Are you going somewhere exotic or dangerous this summer? Even if you are not, get creative and send Sam a message. How to send us a Hi Sam picture.


  • Sorry no prizes, its just for fun (unless we come up with something at the last minute).
  • All Hi Sam pictures received by 31 August 2007 will be considered.
  • Previous Hi Sam pictures will be included.
  • Judge’s decision is final.

Good luck!

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Hi Sam from Bournemouth

Posted by stuff4sam on June 17, 2007

Hi Sam from Bournmouth

Hi Sam,

Here I am at the top of the zig-zag path that goes all the way down the cliff to the sea at Bournemouth.

love Rachel

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Visit to see Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on June 8, 2007

Last weekend we visited Sam and his parents. It was lovely to see them all.

 Group photo!

We took a walk round a nearby field and Sam gave the orders from his chair! Afterwards we sat in the garden in the June sunshine catching up about Sam and the trip to Japan. Hugh entertained him (and us) by falling off the toy tractor and Chris enjoyed playing with the dog!

 Hugh riding the toy tractor

We noticed some changes since we visited last September. Sam was talking more and was very observant of everything going on around him. He had grown quite a lot but was the same happy, cheeky boy we met last year!

We hope to see you guys again soon.

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