6 years on….

Posted by stuff4sam on June 1, 2015

Neil, Kazumi and Sam are often in our thoughts, even more so around this time of year.

There was so much news coverage in the days following their deaths, it was overwhelming. Hugh did the impossible and spoke on Radio4’s Today programme the next morning and the story was everywhere (such as this BBC article  which includes some video of Sam). All the newspapers that morning all had their photos on the front page.

In just a few days we received almost 1000 comments to our post from people as far afield as Lebanon and New Zealand. There were messages too from people who had met the family. We were particularly touched to read the comments from the team at Beachy Head and from the staff at Japan Airlines.

As well as sharing comments, people also wanted to donate. The Spinal Research fund (which is still open) has raised over £11,000.

It took a long time but we were so happy that the solicitors managed to arrange for Sam’s cycling FES machine (which stuff4sam money part paid for) to go to the unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. And there was enough money left over from the estate to pay for a memorial. Sam’s tractor lives at Coram’s Fields in central London, not far from Great Ormond Street Hospital where Sam often went. The lack of grass around the tractor shows that it is well played with.


Neil’s final message to us said ‘please don’t forget Sam’.  Here is a video of Sam playing with his lego (opens in a new window). It has had over 15,000 views on YouTube.

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A different way to support Spinal Research

Posted by stuff4sam on August 26, 2009

Do you shop online? If so, why not register with The Giving Machine – an easy way of supporting charities at no cost to you.

Just register with the site, set Spinal Research as your chosen charity and then shop! A percentage of your purchase will be donated to the charity by the retailer. Big name online shops are part of the scheme such as Amazon, Asda, Tesco and eBay.

So far Spinal Research only have two supporters on the site, raising a total of £2.78 – not great. Please sign up today and support this charity which did so much for Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

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Spinal Research donations

Posted by stuff4sam on July 31, 2009

We’d like to thank everyone who made a donation to Spinal Research in memory of Neil, Kazumi and Sam. To date, £7500 has been raised.  You can of course still make a donation to Spinal Research.

Today it is Neil’s birthday and we remember him with love.


Picture used with permission of Spinal Research

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Friends and family remembering Sam, Neil and Kazumi

Posted by stuff4sam on June 4, 2009

While we are truly touched by all the thoughts and kind words sent by people who didn’t know the family, we wanted to create a space where those who knew the Putticks can leave their messages and share their memories. If you knew them, please add your message as a comment on this post.

One of the last things Neil and Kazumi said was ‘please don’t forget Sam’. All the messages and tributes here show that this wish is being fulfilled.

If you didn’t know the Putticks but would like to share your thoughts please leave a comment on the announcement post (tragic news) or their Spinal Research memorial page.

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Tragic news

Posted by stuff4sam on June 2, 2009

It is with great sadness we have to share the terrible news about Neil, Kazumi and Sam. Sam died from meningitis on Friday and it seems that Neil and Kazumi took their own lives shortly after that.

We are all very shocked at this terrible news and thinking of everyone who cared for Sam or were close to Neil and Kazumi who are dealing with this tragic situation.

We are all better for knowing them and Sam could not have wished for better parents.

Update (3/6/09): Thank you all for your overwhelming love and support, all your kind words are greatly appreciated. People always say how messages of support are a comfort, and they truly are. Many of you have also asked where you can make donations. We know of no better place than Spinal Research who have now set up a donation page specifically to remember Sam, Neil and Kazumi. We will update this site in due course with details of how we wish to remember the Puttick family.

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Hi Sam from Wyoming, USA

Posted by stuff4sam on March 15, 2009

Hi Sam,


Happy belated birthday! 
This is a photo we took while we were in Teton National Park in Wyoming – a really beautiful place for hiking and wildlife. We saw moose, deer, bison and eagles – it was great. 
We hope to see you at some point in the near future and wish you all the very best.
Take care and lots of love, Dan and Ken xxxxxx

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Happy birthday Sam

Posted by stuff4sam on March 10, 2009


Happy 5th birthday on Friday. We hope you have a lovely day. Big birthday hugs from us all.

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Sam’s walking machine

Posted by stuff4sam on March 9, 2009

We have previously talked about the walking machine Sam uses. You can see a video of him using it on YouTube.

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Peterborough book box

Posted by stuff4sam on March 9, 2009

Rather than shutting down our successful and fun book boxes we are keen to carry them on to raise money for other causes. After some discussion the Peterborough team have decided to share the fundraising between RNIB, Heartlink and Spinal Research. Decisions will come from Judd Street and Birmingham soon.

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Hi Sam from Opera in snowy Norway

Posted by stuff4sam on March 4, 2009

Hi Sam,

I joined Opera, the web browser, after leaving RNIB because they do such a good job on accessibility and I wanted to contribute to that. I work with an amazing team where we talk and write about web standards and accessibility in Dev Opera.

Here is my team and the rest of the marketing folks in Northern Norway while at a team meeting. The picture was taken having just eaten hot dogs and drank some very odd tasting hot drink and gone tobogganing.

Perhaps next time we should get toboggans shaped liked tractors!

Henny xoxo


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