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A mysterious figure on Waterloo bridge…

Posted by stuff4sam on August 21, 2007

Hi Sam!

 Everyone in London got very puzzled a few months back when strange figures started to appear on tall buildings in and around London. Were aliens landing? Why didn’t they move? Were they just admiring the view?

 The iron man says Hi Sam!

Some people still think it’s an art installation called Event Horizon, but we know it’s part of the world-wide Hi Sam conspiracy where people of all kinds (even iron ones) get together to take Hi Sam pictures in all kinds of odd places!

Iron man number 176

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Sam’s summer news

Posted by stuff4sam on August 6, 2007

Dear all,

Not to everyone’e taste, but we are enjoying this wet and cool summer. Sam finds hot weather sometimes a bit difficult to cope with due to his lack of temperature control mechanism. But for the last few days, we seem to have a proper summer at last!!

 Sam in his chair looking happy!

Recently, we had a local scout camp at our nearby field and Sam enjoyed watching their activities! As they celebrated Scouting’s 100th anniversary this year, they cooked a number of international meals, including Japanese Teriyaki!

 Sam with the scouts

Our friend Alex, who is a pilot, flew over the field to take some pictures of the camp. Alex is Sam’s ‘uncle’ (indeed he is Neil’s best friend from his childhood and now Sam’s hero!) and Sam absolutely adores him. He was so excited to see his plane flying over him and as he flew so low, we could see him waving at us!! We are hoping Sam will fly in his plane very soon!!

Sam is doing really well with his chin control especially after the rep changed the speed setting. Now we really need to keep eye on him, otherwise he just zooms away!!

 Sam looking cheeky!

We also managed to find some very good accessible toys – a water gun and radio controlled car. Sam uses his switches very well and loves giving a sudden water spray to us! But I wonder sometimes if these toys are for Sam or Neil!?

 Sam and Neil

We hope you enjoy your summer too and hope the weather gets better and better for all of you.

Best wishes

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Hi Sam reminder

Posted by stuff4sam on August 3, 2007

Just a quickie to remind you of the Hi Sam competition.

You have just one month to go somewhere exotic or interesting, take a hi Sam picture and send it to us along with a message. You will then be entered into our fabulous competition.

What are you waiting for? The sun has finally arrived so get out there! Good luck and we look forward to receiving your contributions!

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